3D Sculpted Paper Heads By Bert Simons

Bert Simons Paper Heads

I spotted these 3 dimensional photographic paper portrait heads and sculptures by artist Bert Simons over at Bored Panda, so I dove a little deeper and found some more on the artist’s web site.

Bert Simons Paper Heads

Using multiple points on a model’s face and head, Bert inputs the data into the computer and uses Blender, an open source 3D program to construct a three dimensional model of the head. He then flattens the image to 2D pieces and prints them out on paper stock, only to rebuild them as a purposely piecemeal modeled head.

The making of Harry Hamelink (2007):

In addition to some self-portraits, he has created versions of other men and women, an anatomical head and a three step head which represents vegetative growth.

Self-portraits, 2006:
Bert Simons Paper Heads, self portrait
Bert Simons Paper Heads

Rozemarijn Lucassen, 2007:
Bert Simons, Rozemarijn Lucassen, 2007
Paper sculpted head by Bert Simons

Mr. Ivo Opstelten, 2008:
Mr. Ivo Opstelten, 2008, paper sculpture by Bert Simons
3D paper sculpted head by Bert Simmons
Mr. Ivo Opstelten, 2008, 3D paper sculpture by Bert Simons
The paper mask as seen on a human:

Cardboard Cutie, 2006:
Cardboard Cutie, 2006 by Bert Simons
the making of Cardboard Cutie:

Cardboard Cutie, 2006 by Bert Simons

Anatomical head, 2005:
Anatomical head, 2005: sculpture by Bert Simons
bert simons 3D paper sculptures
Bert Simons 3D paper sculptures
Vegetarius (just add water), 2003:
Vegetarius (just add water), 2003: by Bert Simons
Vegetarius (just add water), 2003: by Bert Simons
paper head by Bert Simons
all images courtesy of the artist.