2022 Nike Halloween Sneakers Are Less Scary and More Stylish than Years’ Past

2022 nike halloween sneakers

Each year in late October Nike releases a special limited edition Halloween sneaker for adults, kids and toddlers. And as you’d expect, they usually have a spooky or scary theme. Halloween imagery, colors and graphics have adorned the shoe in years past.

2022 Nike Halloween Sneakers

The 2022 Nike Halloween Sneakers are a bit less scary and more stylish than the ones we brought you in the past in terms of the holiday iconography. With more appeal to those who are looking for a cool sneaker rather than a “Halloween” shoe, this year’s are far more subtle and don’t scream “Boo!”

The 2022 Nike Halloween Sneaker in Adult, Junior and toddler sizes

Without any bats, black cats, witches, eyeballs, orange or glow-in-the-dark – the Dunk Low Halloween shoe is an attractive, vintage-looking leather basketball shoe made of premium black leather, with a black swoosh that casts a subtly eerie shadow and black laces.

low dunk halloween sneakers overhead

The outer sole is a ghoulish green and the Nike logo is in a spookier than usual typeface.

nike low dunk halloween sneakers1

low dunk halloween sneakers1

nike halloween sneaker logotype

As they do each year, the shoes will be launched online at a specific time and sell out quickly. This year’s shoe goes on sale at 7am on October 27th.

Big Kids’ Dunk Low Halloween ($120.00)
nike halloween sneakers

Little Kids’ Dunk Low Halloween ($80.00)

Toddler Dunk Low Halloween ($65.00)
nike halloween toddler 2022

It’s a nice shoe that you can wear all year round that doesn’t shout All Hallows Eve. But, admittedly, we kind of miss the more brazen and witchy designs.

Available for purchase starting 10/27 at 7:00 AM

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