These 12 Women Got A Barbie In Their Likeness! Meet Them and Their Dolls.

2022 barbie role models IIHIH

Mattel is honoring 12 female role models from all over the world this year with a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll in their likeness. Part of Mattel’s multi-year global initiative, the Barbie Dream Gap Project, these women have been selected for their ability to serve as a reminder that girls can be anything.

2022 Barbie Role Models

barbie role models
The 12 Barbie Role Model Dolls

Created in 2018 the project raises awareness around limiting factors that prevent girls from reaching their full potential. So far they’ve committed over one million dollars to nonprofit partners as part of their mission to achieve equality by fueling education, leadership skills and mentorship opportunities for girls.

Mattel, who announced this on International Women’s Day, is shining a light on the following women who are leaders in their respective industries of tech, wellness, STEM, education and more:
Shonda Rhimes (United States) – Founder of American Television Production Company Shondaland

Shonda Rhimes and her barbie
Shonda Rhimes is CEO of the global media company Shondaland. With a focus on innovation, Rhimes’ company approaches storytelling through brand partnerships, merchandise, and content for film, streaming, audio, digital and editorial. In her career, Rhimes’ work has been celebrated with numerous awards including induction into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. She has shifted the entertainment industry’s business model and changed the face of television.
Shonda Rhimes Barbie Doll
Shonda Rhimes Barbie Doll

Ari Horie (United States/Japan) – Founder & CEO, Women’s Startup Lab and Women’s Startup Lab Impact Foundation

Ari horie and her barbie
Ari Horie is a Silicon Valley innovator, global speaker and thought leader in women’s leadership and entrepreneurship. In recent years, she has also become known for corporate innovation and leadership and speaking about the entrepreneurial mindset for executives. She is the Founder & CEO of a leading accelerator, Women’s Startup Lab (WSLab), a uniquely designed program for women entrepreneurs with tech startups.
Ari Horie Barbie Doll
Ari Horie Barbie Doll

Pat McGrath (United Kingdom) – Makeup Artist and Founder of Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath and her barbie doll
Pat McGrath is the world’s most influential makeup artist and founder of the billion-dollar beauty brand Pat McGrath Labs. For more than 25 years, her creative vision has made her a tour de force whose legendary and creative power has transformed both beauty and fashion on a global scale.
Pat McGrath Barbie Doll
Pat McGrath Barbie Doll

Melissa Sariffodeen (Canada) – CEO and Co-Founder of Canada Learning Code and Ladies Learning Code

Melissa Sariffodeen barbie role model
Melissa Sariffodeen is a social entrepreneur, leader and big thinker. She is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Ladies Learning Code, as well as Canada Learning Code. Ladies Learning Code has championed digital literacy for women and girls in Canada. The program has grown nation-wide to ensure women and youth receive the critical skills, confidence and opportunities they need to become passionate builders of technology.
Melissa Sariffodeen barbie doll
Melissa Sariffodeen Barbie doll

Adriana Azuara (Mexico) – Founder of All4Spas

Adriana Azuara with her barbie doll
Throughout her professional career, Adriana has always inspired women, young people and girls through her motivational talks and conferences. She has also adopted social events that are currently of great relevance to the world, such as support for the LGBT+ community, feminism and incorporating mental health into her business. Her company “All4Spa”, recognized in Mexico and Latin America, is a wellness empire expanding to the current demands of young people.
Adriana Azuara Barbie Doll
Adriana Azuara Barbie Doll

Doani Emanuela Bertain (Brazil) – Teacher and Founder of Sala 8

Doani Emanuela Bertain with her barbie
Doani Emanuela Bertan is a bilingual teacher in both Portuguese and Brazilian Sign Language in a São Paulo countryside city called Campinas. In 2020, Doani was nominated as ‘Top 10 Best Teachers In The World’ by the Global Teacher Prize – the ‘Nobel Prize’ for Education, between 12k participants from 140 countries. This prize is from Varkey Foundation in partnership with UNESCO.
Doani Emanuela Bertain Barbie Doll

• Jane Martino (Australia) – Chair and Co-Founder of Smiling Mind

Jane Martino and her barbie
Jane Martino is the Chair and Co-Founder of the globally recognised health tech platform, Smiling Mind. Through her involvement in Smiling Mind, Jane has been able to combine her belief in young people and the benefits of meditation to create a modern approach to mindfulness and resilience, supporting people to be at their best. She’s also a published author with her series of five children’s books and co-authored Mindfulness Made Easy, now in its third print run.
Jane Martino Barbie Doll
Jane Martino Barbie Doll

Lan Yu (China) – Fashion Designer

Lan yu Barbie doll
Lan Yu is the most influential millennial fashion designer promoting traditional culture in China. She brought Suzhou embroidery to the Grand Palace in Paris and the exquisite workmanship amazed the crowd. Lan Yu established her original brand, LANYU in 2015, adhering to the design and business philosophy of “just for love, just for you”.
Lan Yu Barbie Doll IIHIH
Lan Yu Barbie Doll

Butet Manurung (Indonesia) – Founder and Director of SOKOLA

barbie role model Butet Manurung
Born in Jakarta in 1972, Butet studied anthropology and Indonesian literature at Padjadjaran University, Bandung. In 1999 she joined the conservation ‘WARSI Jambi’, running an education program for Orang Rimba – an indigenous, nomadic group living in the Jambi forest. This work led her and four colleagues to establish the SOKOLA Institute, a non-profit organization providing educational opportunities for marginalized communities in remote Indonesia and literacy to more than 15,000 children and adults.
Butet Manurung Barbie Doll
Butet Manurung Barbie Doll

Sonia Peronaci (Italy) – Founder of Italian food website, ‘GialloZafferano’

Sonia Peronaci and her barbie doll
Sonia Peronaci is a digital entrepreneur and founder of the famous Italian recipe website “”, where she nurtures her love of cooking. “Commitment, courage and precision” is the secret to her work, which she cultivates every day thanks to the “Sonia Factory”, a multifunctional space where she can continue to express herself.
Sonia Peronaci Barbie Doll
Sonia Peronaci Barbie Doll

Tijen Onaran (Germany) – CEO and Founder of Global Digital Women and Co-Founder of ACI Diversity Consulting

Tijen Onaran Barbie doll
Tijen Onaran is an entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author, and one of Germany’s most prominent voices in German business. She’s the founder of Global Digital Women and diversity consultancy ACI – the leading consultancies on diversity issues.
Tijen Onran Barbie Doll
Tijen Onran Barbie Doll

Lena Mahfouf (France) – Digital Creator, Videographer and Author of ‘Always More’

Lena Mahfouf and her barbie
Lena Situations, real name Lena Mahfouf, is a French videographer, content creator and influencer born in Paris on November 19, 1997. In 2017, she created her own YouTube channel, which has been a phenomenal success and helped launch her career. With over 400,000 copies sold to date, Lena recently published her personal development book ‘Toujours Plus,+=+’ providing heartfelt advice on self-esteem, success, joy and self-acceptance.
Lena Mahfouf Barbie Doll
Lena Mahfouf Barbie Doll

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all images and information courtesy of Mattel