2017 Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar With Wood Engraved Cover

creative manifesto letterpress calendar

The 2017 Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar by French graphic designer Fabien Barral, aka Mr. Cup, is a creative collaborative effort between designers, graphic artists, typographers and letterers. The stunning numbered limited edition typographic calendar is available in a paper edition or a deluxe edition with a cover of laser engraved wood.

2017 Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar Deluxe Edition

Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar

The Calendar Covers:
The front cover of the Deluxe edition is laser engraved on oak wood. The normal edition cover is printed on white paper with 2 colors. Both editions come with an extra cover which unfolds as a stander for the calendar.

above: The front cover of the Deluxe edition, designed by Kevin Cantrell, is laser engraved on wood – one at a time.
Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar
above: The front cover of the paper edition, designed by Kevin Cantrell

Inside The Calendar:
Barral invited various graphic designers and typographers to worth with him on the beautiful piece. This year’s edition also features unique designs by Matt Stevens, Jef Millotte, Scott Biersack, Tom Ludd, Renaud (Reno) Orange, Tomasz Biernat, Joseph Alessio, Salih Kucukaga and Eric Kass.

letterpress calendar

The calendar is printed in France, at Studio Pression. Letterpress printing has the ability to create relief into paper by adding tons of pressure while printing. It’s called deep impression, or debossing. And it’s done at the same time, printing AND debossing, always one color at a time. The thicker the paper, the deeper the impression. For a crisper effect, they use much more harder magnesium plates instead of photopolymer.

The etched Magnesium plates for letterpressing

The calendar consists of thirteen 20×14 cm cards printed on 700g colorplan papers: 6 light colored papers with black printing and 6 dark colored papers with light printing.

Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar

letterpress examples

examples of letterpressing
Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar

All issues of the 2017 calendar come in a box that unfolds to double as a stand for the calendar:

Purchase the 2017 Creative manifesto Letterpress Calendar Deluxe or paper edition here

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