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12 Months of Bearded Fun – Calendar by Stephanie Jarstad.

A Beard for all Seasons 2015 Calendar

The A Beard for all Seasons 2015 Calendar is a personal project by photographer Stephanie Jarstad. Inspired as she stood in line at a Seattle Starbucks surrounded by hairy chins and Mochaccinos, she decided to try shooting 12 fun beards to represent each month while working in Utah on another project. The 12 month calendar, which is available for purchase, was created to raise awareness for Movember to support men’s health.

beard calendar cover
above: the calendar cover features model Nathan Sauter

On her blog, Stephanie recounts:
“I put out a casting call on facebook and instagram for bearded men in Utah. Still ironing out what I was going to shoot, I knew I wanted to do something quirky and fun. Flower beards were already trending, so I thought I’d branch out and decorate beards with seasonal themes. It became an exciting personal challenge to come up with creative ideas for the less obvious months. Oh, and what on earth would be small enough to fit in someone’s beard?!

Never having met ANY of the models, when they arrived at the studio it went something like this….”Hey! I’m Stephanie. [small talk] Is it cool if I decorate your beard now?” We got real close, real fast. It was HILARIOUS and a barrel of laughs, as you can imagine. I was shocked by how willing everyone was to support my wild ideas. Although every man with a beard of this caliber is very familiar with food getting stuck in their beard, it’s asking A LOT to string TV dinner peas and smudge jello through it!”

A Beard for all Seasons 2015 Calendar

The models and each month shown below.

Michael Pett for MANUARY – New Year’s Eve Beard:
MANUARY- New Years Eve Beard

Jess Anderson for FEBEARDARY – Valentine’s Day Beard:
FEBEARDARY- Valentine's Day Beard

Clark Cannon for MARCH – St. Patrick’s Day Beard:
MARCH- St. Patrick's Day Beard

Nic Mahoskey for APRIL – Easter Bunny Beard:
APRIL- Easter Bunny Beard

Joel Mitchell for MAY- April Showers brings May Flowers:
MAY- April Showers brings May Flowers

Stuart Landerman for JUNE- Gone Fishin’ Beard:
JUNE- Gone Fishin' Beard

Christopher Hyde for JULY -‘Muuuribeard:
JULY- 'Muuuribeard

Willy Ludlow for AUGUST- Beach Party Beard:
AUGUST- Beach Party Beard

Jay Simpson for SEPTEMBEARD- Autumn Beard:

Wesley Ballard for OCTOBEARD- Halloween Beard:
OCTOBEARD- Halloween Beard

Stelios Xanthos for NOVEMBEARD- Thanksgiving Dinner Beard:
NOVEMBEARD- Thanksgiving Dinner Beard

Nic Mahoskey for DECEMBEARD- Christmas Beard:
DECEMBEARD- Christmas Beard

In addition to the fearless models, Stephanie also thanks Krisitin Gulledge for being her trusty side kick! Emily Sutton for dreaming and scheming with her and Everyone for their bearded referrals.

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Purchase The Beard For All Seasons 2015 Calendar here.

Stephanie Jarstad