Vintage Guinness Ads by John Gilroy and The New Kinkajou Can

Guinness has launched a limited-edition Guinness Draught can which will be available just in time for fans St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The latest limited-edition collectible can is part of an ongoing series celebrating vintage Guinness ads from the mid 1900s. This year, the kinkajou – which looks a lot like a sloth – is featured on the can. Read more

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Uinta’s National Parks Beer Can Designs by Anderson Design Group

To celebrate our National Parks with beer is a good idea. To hire the Anderson Design Group to design the cans is an even better one. That’s exactly what Uinta Brewing of Utah has done with their Rotating National Park Beers. Read more

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The Chambong, An Upscale Beer Bong for Bubbly.

The Chambong

Oh no they didn’t.
It’s not easy to guzzle champagne which I always thought of as a good thing. However a trio of guys in Washington felt differently. So for those who want to polish off a bottle of bubbly in record time, there’s The Chambong. A 6-ounce, dishwasher-safe, high borosilicate glass device used for the rapid and enhanced consumption of sparkling wine and champagne. Patent pending, of course. Read more

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Beer Pong Tables With Built-In Coolers!

beer pong tables with built-in coolers

The ultimate gift for the tailgating Beer Pong Enthusiast are these Beer Pong tables with built-in coolers. The 8′ long, lightweight aluminum beer pong tables have a flexible icy bag inset in the center of the table to keep your drinks cold. Read more

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Beer Drinking Turns Classy With Sempli Monti Glassware

Sempli Beer Glasses

Now that craft beers are all the rage, they deserve an equally considered glass from which to drink them. These four glasses will turn any beer – be it a special seasonal offering or piss-water in a can – into a respectable looking beverage. Read more

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HefeWheaties Craft Beer from General Mills and Fulton Brewery


And in bizarre breaking news, General Mills’ Wheaties, long known as the Breakfast of Champions, has partnered with Minneapolis-based craft brewery Fulton, to launch a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer named HefeWheaties. Read more

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Beer Beauty – New Grooming Products for Men From Carlsberg

shampoo on towel cu

Three of the main ingredients found in Carlsberg lager: barley, hops and yeast, are rich in vitamin B and silicium and are known to have beautifying properties for both hair and skin. With that in mind, Carlsberg labs has launched a limited edition trio of grooming products for men called Beer Beauty. Read more

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