Z. Island. A Kitchen Collaboration Between Zaha Hadid, Ernestomeda and Corian.

Z.Island Kitchen

The Multi-Sensorial Z.Island Kitchen is not simply a project created in order to astonish people and make them talk. The kitchen area conceived by architect Zaha Hadid in collaboration with Ernestomeda and DuPont brings with it concrete innovations that will be useful for future production and that involve the processing of the materials, the structural organisation and the integration of advanced technologies.

Z.Island Kitchen

futuristic kitchenZ.Island Kitchenzaha hadid Z island

Malleable materials, fluid environment
Corian®, the raw material used for the creation, is an exceptionally malleable element that is perfect for meeting the creative requirements of an architect renowned for the complexity of her designs. No longer restricted to isolated elements, such as the worktops or sinks, Corian® has now been used to create an entire kitchen structure (split into two blocks, which are at the same time functional, compact and sleek) and an extensive modular range of cupboards and panelling. The surface is translucent, smooth and fluid, and is as pleasant to look at as it is to touch.

Z.Island by Zaha Hadid

Sophisticated instruments
The cooking island (with hob and hotplate) is extended and curves along the right hand edge; the washing island (with sink, draining area and completely hidden built-in dishwasher) is hexagonal and compact.

The horizontal surface of the former is provided with a scrolling LED script, while there is also a spotlight, an LCD screen and, slightly lower down, an mp3 player, two USB ports and a CD or DVD player. The central working area houses an induction hob, a food preparation area and a hotplate built into the Corian® worktop. Finally, from here it is possible to release special fragrances through three aromatic scent dispensers to permeate throughout the entire kitchen area.

Wall Panelling

Complementary wall-mounted cupboards and wall panelling are available: the former made using shaped wavy doors in Corian®, set into an aluminum frame. The wall panels, instead, (alternate flat and shaped Corian® surfaces produced by means of a heat-shaping system) incorporate an advanced sound system and sophisticated LED panel: thus each panel becomes an original source of sounds, music and coloured lights that can filter through the material in the desired sequence.

The touch control panel
Now, sensorial involvement is complete: whoever is doing the cooking can, if they so wish, navigate on the web, download e-mail, watch a film or set up a program of songs to listen to. Not only: by the use of lighting sequences and the measured release of aromatic essences appropriate for the occasion, it is possible to create fascinating and customized environmental effects.


All the programming is done through a control panel, of the “touch control” type, situated at the centre of the “cooking” area (lit by blue LEDs), from where it is simple to access the kitchen’s multitude of functions.

“Z.Island” at the New York Guggenheim
In 2006 “Z.Island” kitchen has been at the New York Guggenheim Museum’s monographic hall dedicated to the work of Zaha Hadid. In this prestigious venue this extraordinary project has found an ideal exhibition context amongst magnificent paintings, adventurous designs, photos and furnishings that bear testimony of and illustrate the visionary world of this, the only woman ever to have been awarded the Pritzker Prize for architecture.

Z.Island is available on demand at Ernestomeda