Wrapped Up In Obama: Victoria Rowell At The Emmys & The Dress She Should Have Worn.

obama dresses

I haven’t even thought about blogging about the 2009 Emmys (it hasn’t even aired here yet on the West Coast), and I probably won’t even do a post on them this year. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share with you what will undoubtedly be the most talked about (dissed?) dress there.

Obama Dresses

Actress Victoria Rowell showed up in a very tacky, albeit loyal, tribute to our President by wrapping herself in what appears to be an Obama tablecloth at our 61st Emmy Awards show this evening.

victoria howell in bad obama dress
barack obama dress
above: Akwaaba means ‘Welcome’ in Ghana
actress victoria howell
bad obama dress

Good sentiment, bad execution. May I suggest Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s Obama dress (shown below) instead?

jean-charles de castelbajac obama dress

Maybe next year, Victoria.