Working In A Cube? Try Working In An Orb: The Globus Workstation

Globus Workstation

Nope, it’s not a space age prototype. It’s an actual produced product. And it’s available for purchase. Globus is a mobile work station (flexi-station) in two guises. In its closed form, this work station fascinates and intrigues-not unlike a modern office deathstar. It hides its function and intrigues onlookers.

Globus Workstation

In its open form, the work station is inviting and multi-functional. In fact, the Globus is a flexible, mobile, all-in-one work station with a work-top and a comfortable swivel chair. So there’s a place for you everywhere and at every minute of the day. A product of vision. A vision of what a flexible and mobile work station should be.

The Globus has been developed by Lande Productie Schijndel BV in The Netherlands for Artifort and Gispen. Designer: Michiel van der Kley

Construction: The Globus has a cast aluminum base on wheels supporting a moulded plastic globe with two sections. Once it is opened, the wheels a blocked. One half of the globe is a comfortable seat. The seat’s swivel action makes sitting down and standing up very simple. The other half of the globe hides a small table that can be easily adjusted for height.

The footplate can be powder coated in any color in the standard Artifort collection. The globe itself can be sprayed in any RAL color. The seat can be supplied in various colors of leather or fabric.

Uses: Globus is a beautiful, multifunctional, space-saving work station that’s equally at home in a public environment or an office. Would also be ideal for use in a hotel lobby or airport business lounge.

Made for Artifort & Gispen. Available at LIMN, San Francisco.