The Archipod. Round and Radical Prefab Office Space.

In the interest of fairness (and interesting blogging), I’ve featured a fabulous Polyhedron shaped office and garden pod, so now, I have to give some press to this wonderful Archipod Round Prefab! Read more

Hard Boiled Housing. The Blob VB3 by dvmA Architects.

The blob

The Belgian architectural firm dmvA designed the blob VB3, a smooth white structure that resembles a hard boiled egg, as a mobile office for xfactoragencies. Read more

Working In A Cube? Try Working In An Orb: The Globus Workstation

Globus Workstation

Nope, it’s not a space age prototype. It’s an actual produced product. And it’s available for purchase. Globus is a mobile work station (flexi-station) in two guises. In its closed form, this work station fascinates and intrigues-not unlike a modern office deathstar. It hides its function and intrigues onlookers. Read more