Whack Piñatas – So Stylish You’ll Find Them Hard To Hit.

Whack Piñatas

Whack Piñatas are a more stylish take on the traditional candy-filled paper maché creations. Handcrafted in Southern California, they have hip and fun options for just about any age and/or occasion.

Whack Piñatas

whack pinatas quad alt2 IIHIH

From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffanys to Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 and Thing 2, the Piñatas are so cute one just might wince at the thought of striking them with a baseball bat or stick. With designs for everything from Bridal and Baby Showers to Birthday and Bon Voyage celebrations, it’s just not a party without a Piñata. Below are some examples of their wonderful creations.

Woodland Creatures:
woodland critter pinatas
Day of The Dead:
day of the dead pinatas
Fun Foods:
Food pinatas
Pow Wow set:
pow wow set of pinatas
Cute Monsters:
monster pinata
Star Wars Characters:
princess leia pinata IIHIH
Dr. Seuss-Inspired:
thing1 and thing 2 pinatas
green eggs and ham pinata
Bridezilla and Groom:
mr and mrs brisezilla pinatas
Chic celebrity and females:
Marilyn audrey and chic girl pinatas
Luchador Pinata
animal pinatas
Max and the Monster (Where The Wild Things Are):
wild things and max pinata2
Stork, Unicorn and Sailboat:
stork unicorn sailboat pinata
Grumpy Cat:
grumpy cat pinata
superhero pinatas

Whack Piñatas are made upon order and take between 2-3 weeks to process. Rush orders may be available if their schedule permits. They will add up to 20 pull strings at no extra charge upon request. Piñatas are sold WITHOUT candy, but are ready to fill and hang.


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