Wewood Metis Desk Makes The Messy Appear Tidy

The Wewood Metis Desk is a compact desk made of solid oak or walnut wood, designed with multiple storage, secret compartments and pockets to give the illusion that one is organized and tidy.

Wewood Metis Desk

The sophisticated looking desk, which is available in oak or walnut, has been designed by Gonçalo Campos so that all your ‘stuff’ and ‘clutter’ can be hidden.

Metis desk sketches by designer Goncalo Campos

Even the wires and electric cables can be hidden.

Despite having three drawers, one secret compartment and two hidden sections, the look of the piece is minimal and has a small footprint.

The Metis successfully combines lots of storage space with small thoughtful details. A chamfered top provides wrist comfort and a tilted front drawer design makes it easier to get up from the seat.

The Metis is available in oak or walnut.

DIMENSIONS : L 1400 D 760 H750 || 0.80 M³

DESIGNER: Gonçalo Campos

For more information, visit https://www.wewood.eu/products/inforequest