Suzy Kellems Dominik’s Neon Vagina

Suzy Kellems Dominik's Neon Vagina

One of the most talked about pieces at this past December’s Art Basel Miami was a large and colorful climax. Suzy Kellems Dominik’s Neon Vagina, an animated self-portrait titled “I Can Feel”, depicted the artist’s orgasm.

Suzy Kellems Dominik’s Neon Vagina

Suzy Kellems Dominik's Neon Vagina
Artist Suzy Kellams Dominik in front of her piece

In Suzy Kellems Dominik’s neon vagina, the artist depicts her emotional and physical reclamation and independence in the colorful installation. An animated short story, the large scale neon is informed by the biological and classical female forms and grounded in religious iconography.

Mounted in the Nautilus hotel lobby during Miami’s Art Basel, the large installation was on a 27.68-second loop, its various parts lighting up and fading out in pinks, purples, blues, and yellows, depicting Dominik’s own experience of a climax.


“I Can Feel is a neon sculpture and light show, and it is literally as obvious as it seems, it is an orgasm. It’s truly the reclamation of my physical and emotional independence. I think it’s important that we as people know our bodies, know how they work, how we feel, how they interrelate with our emotions.” – Suzy Kellems Dominik

Behind The Exhibition:

Read an interview with the artist about the piece by Cait Munro here.

Suzy Kellams Dominik

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