A Mystical Easter From Vosges Chocolates

vosges chocolate easter collection

The tacky cellophane colored grass and sugary coated Peeps for Easter have been done to death. Even ironically. It’s time for something new, different and delicious. That’s why we want to introduce you to Vosges Chocolate Easter Collection, a beautifully designed and packaged selection of premium confections for Easter with a mystical vibe.

Vosges Chocolate Easter Collection

The Vosges Chocolate Easter Collection was inspired by the Green Dragon of Spring. Wrapped in the stories and tales of magical dragons and mystical adventures, the confectionaries range from beautifully boxed editions of superior sourced chocolates to peanut butter and pistachio dragon eggs to lemon curd or rasberry-filled chocolate rabbits.

Rohan The Regal Rabbit
Each 17.5oz solid rabbit is filled with chocolate and praline and hand painted in our Vosges signature purple. Included is the storybook tale of Rohan the Rabbit, Benevolent Protector of the Fluffle.
rohan the regal bunny

Dragon Eggs in Pistachio or Peanut Butter:
These 10oz chocolate eggs are hand filled daily and limited to 100 a day.
gourmet easter eggsvosges dragon eggs

Rabbits of white chocolate with lemon curd and dark chocolate with rasberry:
white chocolate lemon bunnydark chcocolate rasberry bunny

“Often inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places, but sometimes it is right under your nose if you look carefully for it. For this collection, I looked to my younger son and together we wove a story through words and chocolate. It is as much about the quiet stirrings within ourselves as it is about epic adventure.

Chocolatier Katrina of Vosges
Chocolatier Katrina of Vosges

It is about discovery, creativity and imagination, which in combination allow for the most powerful transformations. This tale tells the real story of how Atreyu found the most wonderful parts of himself through his beloved Egyptian cat, Tutu. How he was able to let go of anger and fear with the help of his feline companion and use his own strengths to heal himself, be himself and become as curious as a cat. ” – Peace, Love and Chocolate®, Katrina, Vosges Chocolatier

Atreya, Tutu and The Magical Dragon
atreyu tutu and magical dragon easter chocolates

The story of Atreyu, Tutu and the Magical Dragon invites you to join one little boy’s adventure as he finds his inner gold and to begin envisioning your own. To be shared as a family or with friends, this collection includes 17 fine chocolates, a limited edition 28 page storybook telling of Atreyu’s discovery and a guided tasting map.

The House of Nuwa Collection
Chinese folklore depicts Nuwa as part human and part dragon. This is a testament to her supernatural power, her wisdom and the life force of the dragon that resided within her. This collection includes 25 limited edition fine chocolates and a guided tasting insert.

vosges easter chocolatesfancy easter chocolates

In this season of healing, be bold and burn away all that no longer serves you. Taste, manifest and transform this Spring with Dragons, Goddesses, and Rabbits.

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