WTF? A Blackberry Flavored Energy Drink With Gold Flakes In Lieu of Sugar.

Launched early in 2013, WTF? is an original flavored water-based energy drink made with gold flakes instead of sugar. Manufactured in Germany, the Blackberry flavored water comes from Germany’s Rhön nature park.

The name is a giggle and the packaging is gorgeous, from the bottle and hang tag to the case. They have even garnered an award for their website design.

The sugar free drink contains carbonated water, Blackberry extract, Ginseng, Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Gold Flakes, 0.4% Taurin and 0.03% Caffeine

You can purchase individual bottles, a case of nine bottles or 9 cases (a pallet) here at their online store.

Ricola’s "Unwrap Your Voice" Packaging, Ad Campaign and Full Credits

Ricola Unwrap Your Voice Ad campaign

Unless you read the trade pubs or follow packaging blogs or Pinterest boards, you may not have seen this clever work to advertise/promote Ricola‘s herbal cough drops. Read more

Vernissage Wine In A Handbag. French Wines In Chic Packaging. What A Great Idea.

Wine in a box is so tacky, despite the improvement in many of the designs. A fresh way to serve up wine in a box are these smart “Bag-In-A-Bag” white, red and rosé wines from Vernissage of Sweden. Read more

CP+B Dresses Up Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza In A New Box.

new pizza box for dominos pan pizza

The package design blog, Lovely Package, has just reported that CP+B has created these new pizza boxes for Domino’s new Handmade Pan Pizza. Read more

Artist Richard Prince Designs Cans for AriZona’s Lemon Fizz Beverage.

the press release:
AriZona Partners With Renowned Artist Richard Prince To Create ‘Lemon Fizz’ Beverage, Debuting At Art Basel Miami Beach

“As huge fans of Richard Prince and his work, it was important for AriZona to create a beverage that embodied the mystery and intensity of Richard’s art, and Lemon Fizz acts as the perfect beverage to symbolize those feelings. The package design celebrates Richard’s creativity and history within the art world, with secret elements for consumers to discover that signify the union of our creative forces,” says Jackie Harrigan, Global Communications Director.

Prince, a controversial artist, famous for his use of appropriation art and his Jokes series, which alluded to the sexual fantasies and frustrations of middle-class America, joined forces with AriZona beverages on the project. “My latest work has embodied the use of tangible items, such as cans, to create installations,” Prince says. “As a fan of AriZona’s Arnold Palmer line, it felt natural to collaborate and the partnership evolved from there. The outcome is Lemon Fizz, which is a fantastic beverage and one that I can employ in my own craft.”

The beverage will be packaged in a Pop Art-inspired, 23-oz. can, featuring representations of his Cowboys, Nurse and Jokes paintings:

Old black-and-white shots of Prince, photographed by Sebastian Piras and Sante D’Orazio in TriBeCa back in 1992 are featured on the can:

The beverage, to be launched nationally following the Art Basel Miami Beach show, will retail from $0.99 to $1.25, in line with other AriZona products.

About AriZona:

Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1992, Arizona’s mission is to offer top quality beverages in uniquely packaged designs that are accessible and affordable. AriZona Beverages — makers of the number one Iced Tea in America, holds a unique position in the global beverage industry with its iconic $0.99 big can and “keeping it real” no frills approach to the consumer market. AriZona never pays for glitzy advertising campaigns to gain consumer loyalty and is constantly ahead of the curve, carving out trends without the use of focus groups and market research. With a loyal following across various demographics, AriZona pulls its own inspiration from its fierce social media following and devoted fan base. To learn more about the AriZona lifestyle, please visit; Facebook: AriZonaIcedTea; Twitter: @DrinkAriZona

About Richard Prince:

above image: Mr. Prince. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan Company)

Richard Prince, born in 1949, is an American painter and photographer. Mining images from mass media, advertising and entertainment since the late seventies, Prince has redefined the concepts of authorship, ownership, and aura. Applying his understanding of the complex transactions of representation to the making of art, he evolved a unique signature filled with echoes of other signatures yet that is unquestionably his own. An avid collector and perceptive chronicler of American subcultures and vernaculars and their role in the construction of American identity, he has probed the depths of racism, sexism and psychosis in mainstream humor; the mythical status of cowboys, bikers, customized cars, and celebrities; and most recently, the push-pull allure of pulp fiction and soft porn, producing such unlikely icons as the highly coveted Nurse paintings.

Richard Prince’s Website

Source: PR Newswire (

Ardbeg Galileo Rockets To Market. The Special Release of A Limited Edition 12 Year Old Whiskey That Is Out Of This World.

Ardbeg galileo IIHIH hero

Ardbeg Galileo has landed. Read more

A Clever Way To Market Calm. BOH Camomile Tea Bags And Widget Designs.

Boh Camomile Tea Bags

To promote Boh brand camomile tea bags, M+C Saatchi, Malaysia created tea bags, packaging and a widget that, like camomile, bring calm to your world. The clever concept has won many awards worldwide including the Clios (Silver), Cannes Lions (Shortlist x 2), One Show (Merit), Communication Arts (2012 Design Annual), AdFest (Finalist x 4), AdStars (Finalist), Malaysian Kancils (Gold x 2, Silver, Bronze, Merit) and the 2012 Communication Arts Design Annual. Read more

Kebo, A Beautifully Designed One Handed Bottle Opener Epitomizes Form as Function.

Another beautifully designed houseware seen at this year’s International Home and Housewares show is the stainless steel Kebo one handed bottle opener by architect and industrial designer Rush Dixon of Rush3 Product Design Studio.

Inspired by the Theodore Low bottle opener from the 1930s, this modern interpretation offers better seamless functionality and classic styling that will last for generations.

Cast of stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish, this device exudes quality, artistry, and timelessness. Kebo (derived from “Bottle Key”), is an ideal gift for anyone with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and of course, fine beer.

Each Kebo comes in its own cool retro packaging- a keepsake tin, so no gift wrapping necessary.

all images courtesy of Rush3 Studios

$24 USD, buy it here