Virginia Mori’s Macabre Illustrations As Gucci Fashion

virginia mori for gucci

I’m a big fan of the illustrative work of Virginia Mori. An Italian artist and animator whose drawings are reminiscent of Edward Gorey in terms of the macabre subject matter and monochromatic sketching style – only they’re executed in a more graceful manner and not accompanied by words.

Virginia Mori’s Macabre Illustrations As Gucci Fashion

Booktrailer del libro «Virginia Mori». Edita El Verano del Cohete.

With a few animated shorts and published books to her credit, her drawings recently inspired art director Veronica Mazziotta and photographer Filippo Fortis to translate them into a photo shoot for Italy’s Vogue Arts showcasing the 2017 Gucci Cruise Collection.

Virginia Moris Macabre Illustrations As Gucci Fashion

Below are photos from the Vogue Arts shoot, followed by Virginia’s original illustrations that inspired them.

Check out this cool video by Darkslide of the Post-production process of the Vogue Arts editorial  “Inspired by Virginia Mori. Special Gucci CRUISE 2017” for Vogue Italia:

Post-production process of the "Inspired by Virginia Mori. Special Gucci CRUISE 2017" for Vogue Italia

Team credit:
Art director / stylist: Veronica Mazziotta @ MKS
Photographer: Filippo Fortis @ MKS
Hair stylist: Roberto Pagnini @ Freelancer
Make-up artist: Luciano Chiarello @ Atomo
3D artist and postproduction: Darkslide
Model: Yulduz @ Monster

About Virginia Mori:
Virginia Mori is an Italian artist who lives and works in Pesaro and Milan. She studied animation and design at the State Art Institute in Urbino. During this time she nurtured and honed her distinctive artistic imagination. Her favourite media are pencil, ink, and ballpoint pen on paper. In 2008 she won the “SRG idee suisse” prize at the “Annecy call for project” during the International Festival of Animation at Annecy, France. This enabled her to produce her first short film, “il gioco del silenzio” (“The Play of Silence”), which has won nominations and accolades at international events, launching her career as an illustrator and director of animated shorts. she has worked freelance for a number of clients and galleries like Withstand (Milan), for whom she created the illustrations for the video “Walt Grace’s submarine test, January 1967” by John Mayer, director Virgilio Villoresi and the famous animated book “Vento”, Blu Gallery (Bologna), Fendi (Rome), Valentino (Milan), Galleria Disastro (Milan) and 25Films (Paris), Vogue Arts, CondeNast Italia, edizioni EL, Penguin Random House Spain.

Virginia Mori