Versions of Monopoly You Won’t Believe Exist – Part II

versions of monopoly part II

Yesterday I shared with you over 60 versions of Monopoly inspired by Pop Culture. Movie, Live Action TV and Celebrity versions as well as uniquely branded editions and Automotive editions.

I began yesterday’s post with a little history of the board game. If you didn’t read that, I suggest you do. That said, onto the next slew of hard-to-believe official versions of the board game that can be purchased right now.

Versions of Monopoly Part II

Earth, Sky and Ocean Editions:
Earth Sky and Ocean versions of Monopoly

Click on the links below to purchase:
Astronomy Edition
National Parks Edition
America’s National Parks Edition
Napa Valley Edition
Night Sky Edition
Planet Earth Edition
Sea World Conservation Edition
Wyland Underwater World Edition
US Space Program

Extreme Sports Editions
extreme sports monopoly editions

Click on the links below to purchase:
Snowboarding Edition
Surfing Edition
Cheerleading edition
World Wrestling Edition
WWE Edition Monopoly (another version)
National Geographic Mountaineering Edition
1984 Los Angeles Olympics Games Edition
London 2012 Olympics Edition
2006 FIFA World Cup Edition

Of course there are tons of NASCAR, FIFA golf, fishing and hockey versions as well. You can find those and more on my Monopoly Pinterest board

Video Game Editions:
Video gamer versions of Monopoly

Click on the links below to purchase:
Assassin’s Creed Edition
Fallout Collector’s Edition
Halo Collector’s Edition
Legend of Zelda Collector’s edition
Mass Effect N7 Collector’s Edition
Nintendo Collector’s Edition
Skylanders Edition
World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition

Inspired By Other Toys Editions:
Monopoly versions inspired by toys

Click on the links below to purchase:
G.I. Joe Edition
My Little Pony Edition
Pokemon Edition
Lionel Trains Collector’s Edition
Transformers Edition
Transformers (another version)
Snoopy edition
Littlest Pet Shop Edition
Littlest Pet Shop (another version)
Hello Kitty Edition
Hello Kitty (another version)
The Muppets Collector’s Edition
The Muppets (another version)

Animated TV/ Cartoons / Comics:
Cartoon and Animated show versions of Monopoly

Click on the links below to purchase:
Peanuts Edition
Adventure Time Edition
The Simpsons Edition
Futurama Edition
Family Guy Edition
South Park Edition
Marvel Comics Edition
DC Comics Edition
Justice League of America Edition
Looney Toons edition
Smurfs Edition
Sponge Bob Square Pants Edition
Scooby Doo Edition

Note: there are tons of variations on the Marvel and DC Comics versions such as Superman, Batman, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Villians, etc. These can all be found with links to purchase on my Monopoly Pinterest board here


Obviously they make it easy for you to create a custom game of your own. To learn more about creating a custom version of Monopoly, visit here

CUSTOM Games USAopoly

US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Emergency Medical Services versions are also available. There’s even a World War II version. As well as Law Enforcement and Firefighter versions.

All of those and hundreds more can be purchased via my Monopoly Pinterest board here

More up to date ones below!