These Versailles TV Series Ads Are on Fire. Literally.

versailles ad campaign

To announce the television series Versailles broadcast by Canal+, agency BETC Paris commissioned artist Julien Douvier to design some advertising that would get attention. With a background in film, editing and animage image rendering, Julien created these moving images.

Versailles TV Series Ads

The animated images made for the TV series Versailles, broadcast on Canal+, look great online, in situ and evn on Instagram now that moving images can be posted.


The tagline for the Versailles series is”Ne jamais s’approcher trop près du soleil.” (Never get too close to the sun).

versailles publicity photo

Commissioned by BETC Paris.
Art Director : Marie Baillot. Many thanks to Charlène Douville & Stéphanie Giordano.
Models photographer : Nicolas Valois and edited by Imag’in Paris.
Fire filming, editing and animated image rendering : Julien Douvier.

all images and info courtesy of Julien Douvier on behance