UrbanUndercover: Pretty Panties With A Pocket That Roll Up Into A Pouch.

UrbanUndercover portable pantiesUrbanUndercover makes cute, comfortable, convertible underwear that roll into a patented pocket for women on the go. The brainchild of inventor and entrepreneur Sairey Gernes, it’s the only underwear with a pocket that allows you to carry a spare pair wherever you go.

UrbanUndercover: Pretty Panties With A Pocket

The patented underwear is available in three styles; Hipster, Boy Short and Thong, all of which are accented with lace and available in three sizes.
UrbanUndercover: Pretty Panties With A Pocket
When worn, the pouch becomes a pocket perfect for stashing your secrets, from cash and ID, to tampons and heating pads, to lipgloss and perfume. Most women’s clothing isn’t really designed for us to carry much, but now you can stash your keys, your iPod, and even your insulin pump and no one will know unless you tell them.
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These easily roll into a pocket allowing you to throw an extra pair, undercover, into any purse, work, gym, travel or day bag to change into whenever needed. Because, let’s face it, changing your underwear is like brushing your teeth. You feel clean, refreshed and ready for the next adventure.

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Until May 31st, Sairey Gernes is hoping to fund her project via Kickstarter. They offer some great benefits for those who offer support. Check them out here