UPDATED: A First Detailed Look At The Coach Branded Barbie

coach branded barbie

Coach and Mattel have teamed up to introduce Coach Barbie which will be unveiled to the US public on August 7th.

The Coach Branded Barbie

The 12″ tall co-branded doll is wearing a long version of Coach’s short plaid tattersall trench , a black and green striped top, a suede red fringed skirt with gold buttons, and is accessorized with a mini Coach red bucket real leather handbag (comes in its own draw-string pouch), tiny round red framed eyeglasses and a miniature pair of Coach’s high-heeled red, camel and navy leather shoes with tassle.

Similar to the Burberry Barbie launched a few years back (I have to admit, I’ve always thought of Coach as the poor man’s Burberry), the plastic Fashionista will be a limited edition and coveted by stylish barbie lovers everywhere.

She’s being promoted through the Coach facebook page with a giveaway in which you guess the handbag she’ll be sporting (I kind of gave that away, didn’t I?) and you’re entered into a sweepstakes with a chance to win the doll.

Like the limited edition co-branded Barbies of the past, she will sell out quickly. You can pre-order the Coach Barbie here for $119 and free shipping.

images courtesy of Barbie Collector, Barbie Store Malaysia, Coach, The White Board Beauty and Fashion Blog and Barbie List Holland.

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