Limited Edition Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie Is Goth and Gorgeous.

Goth Barbie

Designed by Bill Greening, this frightfully chic creature brings a new level of gothic glamour and haute couture horror to the vampire lore. “We’ve had vampires in the BC line before,” Bill says. “But I wanted to do a version a little more spooky and gothic, something the collectors have been asking for.” Read more

UPDATED: A First Detailed Look At The Coach Branded Barbie

coach branded barbie

Coach and Mattel have teamed up to introduce Coach Barbie which will be unveiled to the US public on August 7th. Read more

Sorry Barbie, But Compared To Mooqla Dolls, You’re Just PWT*

If you don’t know Mooqla dolls, you’re about to be introduced to a series of exotically featured handmade silicone encased plastic dolls clad in the hippest of fashions. They make even Couture Barbie look like some serious *poor white trash. Read more

Noel Cruz: Improving Dolls. One Face At A Time.

celebrity dolls by Noel Cruz
Artist Noel Cruz repaints the Keira Knightly doll so now it actually resembles the actress

Most likely the majority of you are not doll shopping. And you probably can’t name the last celebrity doll or action figure you purchased (unless, of course, you have a tween female at home for whom you’ve bought one recently). But before purchasing your next one, be sure to see the Custom Celebrity Dolls by Noel Cruz. Read more