Turning Discarded Graffiti Spray Cans And The Leftover Paint Inside Them Into Art.

Canlove is a collective of artists devoted to removing discarded spray paint cans from heavily concentrated graffiti zones and properly recycling them by turning them into various artworks.

Canlove Upcycled Graffiti Spray Can Art

Canlove Upcycled Graffiti Spray Can Art
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Discarded empty spray cans are a natural part of the scene in areas with a lot of graffiti. Some cans lie around for years before being sent to the landfills. And these cans are not necessarily environmentally friendly either. Many times spray cans are not recycled because of their pressurized and toxic nature.

Canlove takes those cans and unlocks their potential as a medium for artwork in themselves. The results are everything from unusual floral-like bouquets which use every part of the can to abstract art made from the residual paint left in the cans.

These beauties are pretty self explanatory, and can add a burst of color to anywhere they sit. Metal cut flowers, bouquets or plants made from the discarded cans. And the best part is you don’t need a green thumb to own one forever.


Custom Bouquets are available in a range of styles and colors, please contact them with any custom requests.

Cut Metal Flowers:


Other Floral Plants:

Many of the above shown arrangements are currently on display at the Chalk Gallery in Venice. To inquire about pricing, contact them at [email protected]

All of these works were created from the residual paint left over in the spray cans. It is released in different ways to achieve the desired painting technique for the piece. Sometimes hundreds of cans make up one work since there is so little paint in each can.

Splatter and Skelecan:


Pulled Apart:


Canscapes are mosaic types of art created from body of the can. The square of metal that it becomes is colored completely on its own, its the paint drying when its exposed to air that makes the composition of the swatch. They collect them and rivet them together into the following compositions.
The Mucho Amor series:

Furious Five:

300 Cans:

200 Cans:

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