Trumpy Bear is Real. And Real Bizarre.

Trumpy Bear

While the Trumpy Bear toy and commercial smack of an SNL parody sketch, Trumpy Bear is an actual product available for purchase. Snopes-validated, the plush toy bear with a combover and orange brows was designed as a cuddly homage to the United States’ least cuddly leader. He even has a 28-by-30-inch American flag blanket stored in a zipped pouch inside Trumpy Bear himself.

Trumpy Bear Toy and Commercial

Trumpy Bear

Apparently Trumpy Bear was actually launched on Flag Day, June 14th, 2017 and was promoted with this hilarious, official 2 minute commercial in October 2017 (How did I miss this?):

Trumpy Bear Toy and Commercial

The 22″ plush bear with a U.S. Flag stuck up his butt (does that make it an Old Glory hole?) and accessed via a zippered compartment in his neck is being sold for “Two easy payments of $19.95” and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Exceptional Products, the Texas company that markets Trumpy Bear on television, also uses infomercials and television advertising to promote products like Hairdini, Save a Blade and Plaque Attack.

trumpy bear plush toy

Made in a limited number, Trumpy Bear is a plush 22″ bear with an attached 28″ by 30″ flag themed blanket. Trumpy has a zippered neck where the blanket is stored.

trumpy bear

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