Trash Can Couture. German Fashion Label Lever Dresses Up Vipp Bins.

Lever Couture for Vipp

The Danish design company Vipp, best known for the iconic Vipp pedal bin created in 1939, is presenting eight unique art bins dressed in couture made by German fashion label Lever Couture. Trash Can Couture, if you will.

Lever Couture for Vipp

Trash Can Couture Lever for Vipp

We have created layouts with the Lever fashions by Ukaranian designer Lessja Verlingieri from her last few collections alongside the special Vipp pedal bins so you can see the design influence.

Lever Couture for Vipp

Lever Couture and Vipp collab

fashion dressed pedal bins

1400 meters of fabric processed by skillful hands in around 400 working hours transform Vipp pedal bins into amazing Trashion Bins.

designer trash cans

trashion Vipp pedal bins in couture

“Of course it was a creative challenge to design couture for bins instead of people. But in the fun process I actually could not tell the difference, because after all, the Vipp pedal bins have a great shape and they are the stars among pedal bins”, Lessja Verlingieri.

Lever Couture for Vipp

The special bins are available for purchase from the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

designer Vipp bins

lever vipp bins
Lever Couture decorated trash bins

Price range:
$4500 – $6450 USD (3500 – 5000 Euro)
separate images courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Germany), LEVER COUTURE and Vipp composited by if it’s hip, it’s here

Lever Couture