The Toy That Will Move Fast This Holiday (Literally and Figuratively): The New Crazy Cart

Crazy Cart Ride On toy

Looking for an awesome gift for kids ages 8+, teens and adults who like to go, go go? The new and improved electric ride-on Crazy Cart from Razor is one of this year’s hottest Christmas gifts. The Crazy Cart drifts, spins and corners like no other Go Cart.

Razor Crazy Cart Ride On Toy

Razor Crazy Cart Ride On Toy
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Check out what it can do!
Ali Kermani, inventor of the Razor Crazy Cart, takes his product on the streets of London for the retail launch. Ali demonstrates some of the best drifting moves that people have witnessed to date in an electric powered cart:

The Crazy Cart tv ad:

The all new 2014 Crazy Cart from Razor features a number of design changes based on the feedback they got from consumers in 2013. The Crazy Cart is featured on several Top Christmas Toy Lists this year and one for larger adults comes out in February 2015.

bacl crazy cart 2014 rear view IIHIH

The main changes include:
– A significantly wider rear wheel base for added stability
– More distance between the seat and the accelerator for accommodating taller drivers
– Front stabilizing posts in lieu of the front casters for added durability
– A modified steering stop to allow more steering when going reverse
– Elimination of the accelerator cut-off switch for simplicity of use

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Drift Bar and dual rear caster wheels:
Drift Bar allows drivers to completely control their drifts, spins, and cornering.

Variable speed foot pedal acceleration (no brake):
Features variable speed foot pedal acceleration reaches speeds up to 12 mph.

Patented drift system:
Patented drift system allows the driver to vary the rear caster angle so you can drive and drift forward, backward, sideways, diagonally and everything in between.
patented drift system

Pneumatic front tire:
Pneumatic front tire and anti-tip front stabilizing posts.

The Razor Crazy Cart features a drive system that allows it to drive forward, reverse, sideways, diagonally and everything in between. Go-kart and crazy cart modes offer two different ways to ride, and the variable speed foot pedal lets you accelerate to speeds of up to 12mph. The Drift Bar provides adjustable caster technology and helps you control back-end drifts, and the Crazy Cart offers 360° steering capability so you can make sharp turns in tight quarters. Features: two modes, go-kart and crazy cart, let you ride in different styles, drive system goes forward, reverse, sideways and diagonal, 360° steering lets you pivot in place and make tight turns, variable-speed foot pedal helps you reach speeds of up to 12mph, Drift Bar helps control back-end drifts and provides adjustable caster technology, offers up to 40 minutes of continuous use, includes a 24V (two 12V) sealed, lead-acid battery system with an overnight charge time.

Here’s a video of the unboxing and assembly for the 2014 Crazy cart so you can see how easy it is:

How does Crazy Cart work and what tech is involved in its creation?
The Crazy Cart is driven by a powerful & quiet electric motor. The Cart’s speed is controlled by a variable speed foot pedal, while its direction of travel is controlled by the steering wheel. The Crazy Cart’s drifting, spinning, and reverse driving are all engaged by lifting the Cart’s patented drift bar and controlled by a combination of the 3 controls: the drift bar, the steering wheel, and the accelerator pedal. The most important technological innovation in the Crazy Cart’s creation was the patented drift bar, which controls the angle of the rear casters, providing drivers every degree of rear end drift possible!

Available in Red or Black:
Buy the Razor Crazy Cart (black)
Buy the Razor Crazy Cart (red)

With an XL Crazy Cart coming in February 2015, larger folks can have the same fun.