Protect The Environment – and Yourself – With Sustain Condoms.

New Sustain Condoms and their beautiful packaging

Jeffrey Hollender, who revolutionized the eco-friendly household product industry with Seventh Generation, and his daughter Meika Hollender are setting out on an unlikely family business and have launched Sustain Condoms, a sustainable, Fair Trade Certified brand of condoms, free of Chemicals of Concern.

New Sustain Condoms

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Besides being beautifully packaged in recycled content, Sustain Condoms are sustainably produced using natural, certified Fair Trade rubber from a multi-generational, family-run plantation that ensures the absence of child labor. There are no detectable levels of nitrosamines in Sustain Condoms, a carcinogen that can be formed during the condom manufacturing process.

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“We’re incredibly proud to take on the issues of sustainability with regard to sexual health and condom usage, and we want people to know that there’s a more natural alternative when it comes to practicing safe sex,” said Jeffrey Hollender. “Some 40% of condom buyers are women, and together with my co-founder and daughter Meika, we hope to inspire more women to purchase and carry condoms with confidence. As we set out on this important journey, we’re thrilled to be launching Sustain at some of the country’s most respected retailers including Whole Foods Market in New York, which helped put Seventh Generation on the map. Just as we did with household products, our goal with Sustain is to help change mindsets about sustainability and condoms and sexual health. Consumers deserve more.”

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above: Jeffrey Hollender and his daughter, Meika, are co-founders of Sustain.

The Packaging
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Made from premium quality natural latex, Sustain Condoms are individually electronically tested, Fair Trade and vegan certified, free of dyes and fragrances and spermicides and odor-blocking agents, and sustainably produced. All packaging is made from recycled, post-consumer content. The way Sustain’s rubber is grown, harvested and manufactured is gentler on the earth.



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The rubber industry at large is known for a history of abusive practices including child labor, and many of the current influx of new plantations are bulldozing indigenous cultures out of existence as the price of rubber goes up. Sustain is here to offer an alternative. Beyond banning child labor and paying reasonable wages, the plantation provides education and healthcare to the entire community. Sustain’s plantation is the only producer of latex for condoms that meets the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines for environmental sustainability. Sustain’s manufacturing plant has been owned and operated by one family for three generations. The workers are paid a living wage, three times the minimum wage in India.

“Protect The Environment” campaign

Sustain partnered with Creative Director, Alex Hollender, and NYC-based photographer, Bruno Levy, for their first photo series titled “Protect Your Environment.” This campaign, which has only been online and featured at the brand’s launch in Seattle, highlights the emphasis people tend to place on protecting the world around us, but the lack of attention many of us give our own bodies and sexual health.






The company’s commitment to women goes beyond the launch of the new condom with the introduction of 10%4Women, in which 10% of profits go to organizations that provide reproductive healthcare and family planning services to low income women in the U.S. Led by Sheila Hollender, Jeffrey Hollender’s wife, 10%4Women is key to Sustain’s mission to enact positive social change and improve reproductive care in America. Initial donations will support STIs education, testing and treatment due to the increasing rates of STDs among women and men.


Sustain Condoms are available in Lubricated Ultra Thin, Tailored Fit, and Comfort Fit (in 3- and 10-packs at competitive prices). The product line can be found at Whole Foods Market, Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, Pharmaca, PCC, Earth Fare, Health Nuts, as well as online at and at their own website.

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