To Boldly Go Where No Artist Has Gone Before: The Enterprise Project

The Enterprise Project

You’d have to be living on another planet not to know that the New Star Trek Movie is opening on May 8th.

The Enterprise Project

In conjunction with the upcoming release, various graffiti, FX and pop artists from all over the world have designed their interpretations of the USS Enterprise on 34 inch replicas cast from the actual 3D models made for the film by Industrial Light and Magic. Currently only 17 of the 25 models are available for viewing (but I managed to find one more).

First a little (very little) USS Starship Enterprise visual history.

The very first one that appeared on the original tv series:

and the USS Enterprise created by Ryan Church for the J.J. Abrams’ film:
ryan church enterprise

Bonus link: a bunch of cool CGI renderings of potential USS Enterprise Starships that were submitted for consideration for the new movie can be found here.

the new uss enterprise for the movie
above: see a slide show of the new enterprise by Quantum Mechanix here

The Enterprise Project:
The 18 models shown here have begun touring the world. They can be found in the various locations as indicated on the images.

FX Company/Quantum Mechanix:
FX Company/Quantum Mechanix USS Enterprise
Mr. Brainwash:
Mr. Brainwash Enterprise

Duncan Lemmon:

Robert Rodriguez:

House Industries:
The Enterprise project


Harry Knowles (aintitcoolnews):

above: currently on display in the lobby of Alamo Drafthouse South in Austin, USA
this one image (#7) is courtesy of ToysREvil blog

Jesus Diaz :

Amanda Vissell:
Amanda Visselll USS Enterprise
Amanda Vissell
Amy Vatanakul:
Amy Vatanakul

Olka Osadzinska:
The Enterprise Project

H5 Edible Enterprise
H5 Edible enterprise
Turbo krapfen:
Turbo krapfen USS Enterprise
Turbo krapfen
Will Lemon III edible Uss Enterprise
Will Lemon III The Enterprise project
Jeremy and Claire Weiss:
Jeremy and Claire Weiss Enterprise
Jeremy and Claire Weiss USS Enterprise Skateboard
Rafael Burgos:
Rafael Burgos USS Enterprise
Rafael Burgos The Enterprise Project
Jeremy Kaplan:

Jim Lee:
Jim Lee The Enterprise Project
Jim Lee USS Enterprise

Official Star Trek Movie site

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