Star Trek Boldly Goes To The Dogs. Beds, Collars, Bowls and Chew Toys.

Star Trek Dog Stuff

Got a terrier who’s a Trekkie? Or a Corgi with a crush on Captain Kirk? Maybe your canine is just a geek or shares your penchant for the world of Star Trek. Either way, Crowded Coop has just launched a line of dog products inspired by Star Trek, TOS  – that’s “The Original Series” for those of you who are not Trexperts. Read more

Limited Edition Star Trek Wines Feature Labels With The Artwork of Juan Ortiz.

Star Trek Wines

Star Trek Wines are a limited edition of varietals that feature artwork designed by artist Juan Ortiz in celebration of Star Trek: The Original Series. Fans will recognize three of the wine labels as three of the most beloved episodes of all time: “The City on the Edge of Forever,” “The Trouble with Tribbles” and “Mirror, Mirror.” Read more

How Very Enterprising. Reformulated and Repackaged Star Trek Scents Launch To Coincide With Into Darkness.

Star Trek fragrances

Now that the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness is out, the marketiing tie-ins have begun. One of the funniest to me is the selling of officially licensed Star Trek Fragrances. Read more

Geek Branding. Spock vs. Spock in New Two Minute Ad For The Audi S7.

Spock vs. Spock for Audi

The new Audi S7 looks as aerodynamic and almost as futuristic as the latest USS Enterprise, with an interior dash that rivals the NCC-1701’s main bridge. Therefore, casting Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto in a face-off for command of the coolest vehicle was a fun move by Audi and a nice tie in to the upcoming May 16th release of J.J. Abrams’ movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness. Read more

To Boldly Go Where No Artist Has Gone Before: The Enterprise Project

The Enterprise Project

You’d have to be living on another planet not to know that the New Star Trek Movie is opening on May 8th. Read more