These Babies Are HOT! Decorative Bioethanol Fireplaces By GlammFire.

bioethanol fireplaces by glammfire

Welcome to Fire Wonderland. This is what Portugal-based GlammFire, the newest company of Group Pachinha, aptly calls their collection of bioethanol decorative fireplaces.

Bioethanol Fireplaces by GlammFire

The flut fireplace
The Flut, a bioethanol freestanding fireplace can be used in swimming pools

In 2008, Marcelo Inacio launched GlammFire of Monção, Portugal. As the name suggests, the collection of indoor and outdoor fireplaces exude modern glamour, quality, functionality and, most importantly, ecology. Rural or urban, wall-mounted, inset, or floor standing, they present different, safe and ecological liquid ethanol and bioethanol burning models.

modoo in situ
The Modoo is covered in coated cattle hide and has built in pockets for storage and a carbon monoxide detector.

These unusual fireplaces are made with various materials such as lacquered MDF, ceramics, metals, glass and some styles are available with custom etching and leathers. The fashionable and unique collection of open and closed hearth fireplaces includes freestanding and wall-mounted styles for indoor, outdoor and even in the swimming pool. Designs that range from ultra-modern to rustic, many of the styles are even equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.

Mito wall mounted fireplace
the Mito is a closed hearth inset wall bioethanol fireplace that comes in stainless steel and four color options

Indoor bioethanol fireplaces:

O-Flut I:
O-flut I

O-Flut II:
o-flut II


modoo fireplace

Baco bioethanol fireplace

Bulle coffee table fireplace

Paris II:
Paris II fireplace

Paris III:
Paris III




Outdoor bioethanol fireplaces:

Flut fireplace
the flut floating fireplace

Tuli fireplace
Lira fireplace

cosmo fireplace

The above outdoor fireplaces are also safe to use indoors.

Wall-mounted bioethanol fireplaces:

spider biothenal fireplace
Spider wall mounted fireplaces

Lotus IV (with custom letters):
lotus fireplace with custom letter-etched surround

Tango III and Lotus II, also custom etched:
Tango IIIlotus II etched firelace

Lotus IV, textured leather covered:
Lotus IV textured leather covered fireplace

Paris IV:
Paris IV

A special commission for Hotel Tivoli:
special commission for Hotel Tivoli

all images courtesy of GlammFire

The GlammFire collection is designed by Marcelo Inacio (shown below):
Marcelo Inacio

glamm fire wonderland
glamm logo

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