Three Super Hot Outdoor Wood Fire Pits From AK47

AK47 fire pits

Three wonderful wood burning outdoor fire pits (or fireplaces) that also serve as gathering spots for entertaining. AK47 fire pits the Zero, the Rondo and the Zen from AK47 are simultaneously modern and rustic. Made of steel, stone and copper, the large round fireplaces are as great looking when in use as they are when not in use. All three styles featured here are sold in moderately easy to assemble kits. Read more

These Babies Are HOT! Decorative Bioethanol Fireplaces By GlammFire.

bioethanol fireplaces by glammfire

Welcome to Fire Wonderland. This is what Portugal-based GlammFire, the newest company of Group Pachinha, aptly calls their collection of bioethanol decorative fireplaces. Read more

Haugen/ Zohar Create Outdoor Fireplace Inspired By Norwegian Turf Huts

Outdoor Fireplace Inspired By Norwegian Turf Huts

This unusual Outdoor Fireplace (also called Fireplace For Children) by architects Haugen/Zohar was inspired by traditional Norwegian turf huts. Read more

Warm Up To Safretti’s New Designer ‘Firespaces’ For Indoors Or Out

safretti firespaces

Safretti has contracted various top designers to build up their assortment with new product lines of fireplaces they call ‘firespaces’; the Curva, the Prometheus, the Cubico, Riviera and the Gaya. The designers of the Safretti Firespaces are Jan des Bouvrie, Jort Mercuur, Frans Schrofer and Roderick Vos and the results are HOT. Read more