The Solo Cello, A Modern Steel and Leather Hanging Chair by Felix Guyon.

Felix Guyon Hanging Chair

The Felix Guyon hanging chair, the Solo Cello, is a beautifully constructed suspended chair for Les Ateliers Guyon.

Felix Guyon Hanging Chair

Felix Guyon hanging chair

The geometric seven sided silhouette has a leather seat and steel frame and suspends from the ceiling with steel cables.

modern hanging chair

leather hanging chair

The Solo Cello chairs can be found in the lobby of the hip boutique hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, The ALT hotel.

Felix Guyon is now partner of LaroseGuyon and the Les Ateliers Guyon url now belongs to a plumbing company.

Chair images courtesy of Les Ateliers Guyon via Behance. ALT Hotel lobby photos courtesy of Tyylit and Yelp User Ben B.

DESIGN and FABRICATION: Les Ateliers Guyon / ACIER: Soudure Richer / CUIR: Maylissa François