The Savic C-Series Electric Motorcycles

Savic C-Series electric motorcycles

Australia’s first high-performance electric road bike combines the timeless looks of a classic café racer with today’s leading green technology to result in a street-legal motorcycle that’s fast and lean. Introducing Savic Motorcycles 2020 C-Series.

The Savic C-Series

Savic C-Series Alpha prototype
CEO Dennis Savic shows off the relaxed riding position on the Alpha prototype

In a digital launch on November 27th, Australia’s Savic Motorcycles presented their C-Series Alpha production prototype, a high-performance electric road bike that can reach 100kph in 3.5 seconds. In addition to the attention-grabbing design, the energy-efficient café racer costs 80% less to run than a non-electric bike but still provides effortless power and control.

australian savic electric motorcycle

savic c series front three quarter view

savic c series rear three quarter view

Savic C Series head on

The Savic C-Series straddles the leading edge of the electric vehicle revolution. With three models – each with different battery capacities – The Alpha, Delta and Omega bikes deliver everything from a torquey 25kW city ride to a supercharged 60kW road trip with charging times ranging from 2 to four hours. And they are fast. As we previously mentioned the Alpha can reach 100kph in 3.5 seconds, The Delta in 4.5 and The Omega in 5.5.

Savic C Series detail 2

savic electric motorbikes

savic c-series prototype

savic c-series

The bike’s design continues to get more refined as they get closer to production. The C-Series prototype bike – and the four Founder’s Editions – have state-of-the-art suspension (a combination of the Wilbers Front Fork and a YSS rear shock), an advanced electric powertrain equipped with a SM1.3.3 Phase-AC motor, Pirelli tires, Bembo M4 monobloc brakes, various riding modes, ABS, Traction Control, Regenerative Braking and a pillion seat that can accommodate two. But the bike is still undergoing changes, CEO Dennis Savic told New Atlas.

savic c-series bembo brakes
The new bikes will feature Brembo M4 monobloc brakes
the newly-designed-vented-bellypan-around-the-powertrain-unit
The newly designed vented bellypan around the powertrain unit
kangaroo leather seat on savic
The brown Kangaroo leather pops against the polished aluminum finish on the tail, accompanied by the motorcycle designer’s signature.

They’re currently allocating build slots for their first production run of 50 with an expected delivery date of 2021. They are selling out quickly, but you can secure your build slot (only available in Australia) by paying $100 here

savic c-series alpha prototype

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