The Sake Bomb. A Modern Drinking Vessel Inspired By The Puffer Fish

sake bomb drinking vessel

What better way to get bombed on sake than with the hand crafted ceramic microwaveable Sake Bomb, a modern sputnik-like looking vessel with four incorporated sake cups that can hold hot or cold sake.

Sake Bomb Drinking Vessel

The Sake Bomb is hand crafted in Los Angeles. It is available in a variety of vivid colors with a sealed matt ceramic finish. To ensure the complexity and geometric nature of the sake bomb remained true, the manufacturing process combines both high-tech modern technologies with traditional handcrafted techniques.

puffer fish
above: the Fugu, also known as the Puffer Fish or Blowfish served as the design inspiration

The vessels were initially design in 3D CAD software and printed using a 3D FDM printer. From these objects plaster molds were taken and traditional slip-casting procedures are employed to create the ceramic versions for kiln firing.

This whimsical pouring vessel is a comical take on the western slang “Sake Bomb”. The inspiration is a juxtaposition of the Fugu Fish (Blowfish or Puffer Fish), the most opulent of sashimi cuts and a WW II sea mine. The small drinking cups perch neatly on the spines making it a compact entertaining tool.

The Sake Bomb was designed by Alexander Purcell founder of APRRO an interdisciplinary design studio based in Los Angeles.

Available in four colors:
sake bomb aprro

sake bomb drinking vessel

Because the Sake Bomb is ceramic it keeps both your hot sake hot and your cold sake cold.

To heat sake you may place Sake Bomb in microwave for a minute. Sake Bomb holds 8 FL OZ (235 ml).

sake bomb drinking vessel

$98.00 USD (price subject to change)

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