Dog Digs to Love: The Puphaus by Pyramd Design Co

puphaus by pyramd design

Atlanta-based Industrial Designer Zach Griggs and Art Director/illustrator/graphic designer Roy Fleeman have teamed up to start Pyramd Design Co., a network of designers, engineers, artists, fabricators and business professionals. Their first product, the Puphaus, is a modern dog house any architecture afficionado would love.

The Puphaus by Pyramd Design Co

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The dog-loving duo wanted to design and build something unique for man’s best friend, and they have succeeded with the Puphaus. Ditching plastic igloos and hard-to-assemble designs, the Puphaus is an architecturally-inspired, American-made dog house crafted of Natural American Western Red Cedar and Grey Portland Cement Board.

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The awesome looking abode is basically maintenance free. It comes flat-packed for affordable shipping, and can be easily assembled in five steps without any tools.

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Designed for dogs weighing 50 lbs or less, the Puphaus has integrated food and water bowls and corrosion-resistant hardware.

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Although the Puphaus looks great as it is, you can have some creative fun with it to customize it to you -or your pup’s- liking. Customers may apply a wood stained or oiled finish to the cedar panels. Color can also be applied to the cement board by using an off-the-shelf concrete stain (Behr or similar brand).

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Puphaus is designed to be used outdoors, but can certainly be used indoors as well. When located outdoors, it is recommended that Puphaus be placed on a flat, level surface such as a lawn, patio, or deck, in an area that is not prone to flooding.

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Taking cues from modern home design, naturally-derived materials were chosen that would look and feel at home in any outdoor setting, while coming together to make a head-turning architectural statement.

About Pyramd Design Co.

Pyramd Design Co. specializes in highly customized products, designed to be manufactured domestically at lower volumes to suit a select group with particular needs. This small scale production model allows us to maintain full control of our designs at all stages of the manufacturing process, and also ensures we meet our own extremely high quality standards. Unencumbered by traditional manufacturing methods used in large volume production runs, Pyramd supplies our clients with exciting design solutions that are unique and conversational, like a work of fine art.If what we manufacture does not meet our quality standard, physical or perceived, then it will never see the light of day. That is our promise to ourselves, our clients and our brand.

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The Puphaus is expected to ship in the Fall of this year and is available for pre-order now at the cost of $990.

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Roy Fleeman