Celebrity Food Art by Jesse Beardon

celebrity food art

Thanks to Betsy Wills’ Artstormer blog, I was introduced to Jesse Maxwell Beardon. A multi-talented painter, illustrator, art director and designer who also plays with her food.

Celebrity Food Art

Her instagram account has several fun images she has created of famous faces (predominantly musicians) made with everything from jam to noodles.

Here’s a few for you to chew on:
John Lennon in poppyseeds:
john lennon poppyseeds
And elegantly rendered with noodles:
celebrity food art
Elvis in Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup:
elvis chocolate syrup
Jimi made of Jam:
jammin' with jimi
Notorious B.I.G. in ketchup and mustard:
Notorious BIG mustard and ketchup
Caitlyn in Wheaties:
caitlyn in wheaties
Jimi in popped and unpopped popcorn:
jimmi popped and unpopped corn
Rihanna in Ice Cream:
rihanna ice cream
Andy Warhol and Basquiat in Strawberry Syrup:
warhol basquiat strawberry quick
Lady Gaga made of milk:
lady gaga milk
Bleached and raw sugar:
sugar sugar
The Beatles as Sgt. Pepper – and Salt:
sgt salt n pepper IIHIH
And lastly, what I like to call Dylan al dente (inspired by Milton Glaser’s vintage poster):
Dylan al dente IIHIH

Jesse Beardon
Jesse Beardon on Instagram