Ugly Christmas Sweaters Turn Beautiful With Messages of Tolerance and Humanity

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Originally a knit pullover with a fair isle pattern mocked for its hideousness, the Ugly Christmas sweater turned into a walking billboard with humorous puns, movie characters and other pop-culture references over the past two decades. Now it has evolved yet again with these holiday sweaters from The Outrage, an organization turning the Ugly Christmas Sweater into something beautiful.

The Outrage Holiday Sweaters

At If It’s Hip, It’s Here we pride ourselves on having created the largest up-to-date Ugly Christmas Sweater resource on the web with our Pinterest board featuring over 2,200 broken into categories. Beginning last year we noticed a new trend and we are loving it.

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Connecting you to causes you care about through fashion, The Outrage is a hub for activism that leverages the power of community with a network of activists. Partnering with non-profits and social movements, they are a grass roots foundation that donates part of every single sale to progressive organizations and education.

Sleigh The Patriarchy sweater

They offer a collection of Ugly Holiday Sweaters that espouse beliefs more personal and relevant to the wearer than the traditional Christmas Sweater. They currently offer seven different unisex knit acrylic sweaters, each with a message of tolerance that respects our differences. Whether in the form of protest or celebration, these pullovers have something more to say than a Santa pun or quote from Home Alone.

Gay Ol Time sweater in situactivist christmas sweaters

All the sweaters make an implication or outright declaration for the humane treatment of others regardless of gender, race, sexual preference or nationality. And that’s beautiful.

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Instead of donning festive knitwear that celebrates, or in some cases denigrates, holiday symbols, religious icons and popular movies, some of you might consider the reason for the season and cozy up in something a bit less ugly.

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all images courtesy of The Outrage