The Plug-In ORA Pod Charger Gets Rid Of Those Darn Dangling Cables.

ORA Pod charger

Industrial designer Albert Shane has created the ORA pod, a convenient stylish portable wireless charger and adapter for Android, Windows and iPhone users that lets you simply plug your device directly into an outlet.

Ora Pod Charger

Ora Pod Charger

While there are other devices that let you plug your smartphone directly into an outlet, they tend to be bulky and awkward. And trying to carry those charging cables around just makes them fray and get damaged over time. The ORA pod is a spherical little compact wireless charger – for all smartphones – designed to go wherever you go.

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The ORA Pod is a 5W power adapter/wireless charger that integrates with multiple mobile devices. Most people carry 3 items when on the go: a wall charger, charging cable and a power bank. The ORA pod has all 3 options in one cute colorful compact package.

The ORA pod works with all Android Phones, all Windows phones and Apple’s iPhone 5, 6, iPod Touch and the Nano. It also works with all bumper cases up to 3.5 mm thick.

“ORA” has developed a dynamic design language that is compatible with the visual identity of your latest mobile devices. ORA’s concentric movement of parts enables components to move in sequence and allows the product to deploy and close.

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Additional Features:
• Comes in several colors
• Patented connector design adjusts to fit bumper covers of up to 3.5 mm.
• Night light turns “ON” when device is being charged

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UPDATE: Sadly the Ora Pod is no longer being made.