Smaller, Stylish and Free Secure Bike Parking for New Yorkers

the oonee mini

Oonee, New York’s answer to the city’s increasing bike theft with their secure modular public parking pods has introduced the Oonee Mini, a smaller, customizable curbside version ideal for individuals or scaled operations. Like the original Oonee pods, they are designed to enhance -as opposed to blight- their surroundings. The Oonee Mini is installed, operated and managed by the Oonee Care and, as always, membership is free to the public.

Oonee Mini Bike Storage

The Oonee Mini

The vast majority of cyclists don’t have access to secure parking facilities, but instead have to rely on locking their bikes to public racks, lampposts and. As a result, over half of all urban riders have experienced bike theft and many more have experienced vandalism or accidental damage while bikes are left on the street.

full size oonee pod
example of a full size Oonee pod in Brooklyn

Scooters have are seeing similar problems. There are few places to orderly park, charge and repair these popular new vehicles. That’s where Oonee comes in.

The new Oonee Mini
The new Oonee Mini

Designed for curbside use and built to survive the demanding streets of New York, Oonee Mini delivers up to 10 secure bike parking spaces in place of one car. The Mini features a customizable design that can be tuned to match the surrounding architecture and site conditions of the neighborhood.

safe bike parking in new york
The Oonee Mini can store 10 bikes securely in a single auto parking spot

The Mini has dozens of convenient and modern features that make life easy for cyclists. Their technology innovations ensure a top notch experience for both cyclists and community members. The Oonee Mini pods are well-lit at night, have phone-operable smart locks, automated hydraulic sliding doors, free and easy-to-use air pumps and your bikes, once parked inside, are covered by insurance.

Oone Mini Pod with black finish
Oone Mini Pod with black finish

Oonee is very engaged with their users and solicited thousands of hours of feedback from stakeholders at every level, including cyclists, pedestrians, public space managers and even school children. The result is a simple, well-designed experience for both cyclists and nearby community members that care about the aesthetics of their environment. Oonee Care keeps the pods in tip-top shape and provides cyclists with rapid response customer service.

The Mini can be embellished with various colored accents and cladding, topside greenery and planter boxes, scratch-resistant paint to protect from vandalism, high gloss reflective finishes and exterior lighting.

Oonee mini with black accents
Oonee mini with black accents and greenery

Thanks to an initial sponsorship from VOI, the two first Oonee Mini will come to the streets of New York City this Spring. As part of this initiative, they welcome suggestions from the community on host locations for this first generation of Mini’s.

a rendering of two Oonee Minis in DUMBO
a rendering of two Oonee Minis in DUMBO

If you’re interested in learning more or sponsoring a Mini within your neighborhood reach out to them here.

All information and images courtesy of Oonee