The Neon Angelica Chandelier by Nucleo.

The Neon Angelica Chandelier is a modern light fixture designed by Nucleo, a design group based in Italy. The design concept – a chandelier in eighteenth century style revisited in modern key – was to eliminate any super-structures, thus making light the only protagonist.

The Neon Angelica Chandelier

angelica light

neon chandelier

Angelica outlines its presence in space by evoking the past with soft lines that subtly recall the style of the eighteenth century. The chandelier lights up with an intensely soft light, creating an effect that is poetically suggestive and sophisticated.

Angelica neon chandelier

Neon Angelica Chandelier

The bearing structure is created in aluminum with laser-cut plexiglass elements:

light fixtures

Available in white, aquamarine blue, orchid lilac, mint green.
Diffuser: fluorescent neon (white glass tubes charged with argon)

Light source: total 125W (cold cathode)
Size: 120 x 100 cm
Design: Nucleo
Manufacturer: ALT Lucialternative

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