Glass Balloon Ceiling and Wall Lamps Add A Festive Touch.

glass balloon lights

This collection of glass ceiling and wall light fixtures, Memory Lights, look just like balloons and were designed by Boris Klimek for Brokis. Read more

Modern, Adorable and Affordable Lamps from BuoKids.

BuoKids is a personal project of Roberto Celada and Raquel Esteve, members of “rqrstudio”, and children Angela, Carlos and Daniel who are their inspiration and who give the nod to their products.

Their selection of stylish and customizable paper lamps work for any gender, any age and with any type of decor. Each style is available in your choice of six colors and prices begin at $24.

Custom name lamps in several colors are also available:

BuoKids wants to contribute to a world based on values such as respect, cooperation, sustainability and imagination with their work. For this reason all of their products are designed with respect for the environment.

32 cm (12,6 inch) diameter and 19 cm(4,78 inch) high.
Maximum height of 91 cm (35,83 inch).

It comes with the electrical system, so you just have to hang it and put in a bulb (not included). Using energy-saving bulbs or LED bulbs is recommended.

Shop their Valencia, Spain store here

Shop their English store here on etsy

The Neon Angelica Chandelier by Nucleo.

Angelica is a modern chandelier designed by Nucleo, a design group based in Italy. The design concept – a chandelier in eighteenth century style revisited in modern key – was to eliminate any super-structures, thus making light the only protagonist.

Angelica outlines its presence in space by evoking the past with soft lines that subtly recall the style of the eighteenth century. The chandelier lights up with an intensely soft light, creating an effect that is poetically suggestive and sophisticated.

The bearing structure is created in aluminium with laser-cut plexiglass elements:

Available in white, aquamarine blue, orchid lilac, mint green.

Diffuser: fluorescent neon (white glass tubes charged with argon)

Light source: total 125W (cold cathode)

Size: 120 x 100 cm

Design: Nucleo

Manufacturer: ALT Lucialternative

Bird In Hand, A Ceiling Light Inspired By The Art Of Hand Shadows


This beautiful and unusual lamp by J.P.Meulendijks is based on, and is a tribute to, the universal art of hand shadows and hand puppetry. Playing with light and hand shadows was and is a centuries old past time long before electric light was invented. Read more

Peter Buning’s Shadow Projecting Lights: The Shining And Sha-Do Collections

The Shining ceiling and wall lamps by Peter Buning use the interplay between light and shadow to create varying patterns projected on the ceiling and wall.

Above: Wonderland, the latest pattern in the Shining collection

The collection consists of 9 different styles (all shown below), each made of glass and steel and measuring 200 mm in diameter. These are presently available to purchase and links to buy are after the images.









You can purchase any of the 9 lights shown above here.
Or from Limn here.


On the designers’ own site, on which the lights are called it the Sha-do, come the following images of his other designs:

above: some of the designs of of Peter’s Sha-Do lights.

“The concept of the SHA-DO-lamps consists of illuminating the environment through individual shadow pantomimes. The creation of the light is as important to the lamp as the design is. The lamps can be adapted to their environment because of their flexible construction and casts every location in a very special light.” — Peter Buning

Sha-do site
Shop for the Shining lights here.
+492871 490797