The Meth Lab From TV’s Breaking Bad Is Impressively Reconstructed In Legos.

Breaking Bad Meth Lab Made of Legos hero

A crafty brick builder has created a Breaking Bad Meth Lab LEGO build. A freestyle duplication from the TV drama Breaking Bad, complete with minifigs.

Breaking Bad Meth Lab Made of Legos

breaking bad meth lab made of legos
above: the Lego version of the Meth Lab in Breaking Bad; below: the tv show’s Meth Lab

breaking bad meth lab

Breaking Bad Meth Lab Lego

io9 reports “If you’ve ever wondered what the taut methamphetamine drama Breaking Bad would look like as an innocent plastic brick diorama, ponder no longer. Redditor GaryIsYouDotCom recently posted his friend’s reconstruction of the show’s state-of-the-art clandestine drug lab.

Breaking Bad Meth Lab Lego

Minifigs representing the actors playing Walter White and Jesse Pinkman:
breaking bad minifigs

Actors Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and David Costabile (Gale Boetticher) in Breaking Bad:
breaking bad

There’s no laundromat above it, but there are recreations of Gale’s coffee machine, Walt’s pure blue crystal meth, chicken merchant Gustavo Fring, and that episode where Walter goes bonkers trying to kill the fly. Blast some TV on the Radio while you ogle this, and then go into the bathroom and practice your Heisenberg face.

lego meth lab

A few side-by-sides for you that I constructed:

Breaking Bad Meth Lab Lego build

images courtesy of AMC and imgur