The First Affordable Desktop Tank Designed Specifically For Jellyfish.

new desktop jellyfish tank

Jellyfish Art has designed the first affordable desktop Jellyfish Tank. As easy to maintain as a desktop aquarium, the modern looking tank is especially designed for jellyfish since they tend get sucked into the filtration intakes and get liquefied in fish tanks.

New Desktop Jellyfish Tank

The new tank has been seen in WIRED Magazine, The New York Times and Gizmodo and is now looking for funding and support via kickstarter.

New Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Pre-order the Desktop Jellyfish Tank for a pledge of $350 or more and you will be guaranteed to receive it once the first batch of tanks has been manufactured. Kickstarter donors get a $50 voucher redeemable towards the Beginner’s Package (normally $149), which includes 3 Jellyfish and a package of Frozen Food.

New Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Support the project by buying one here on kickstarter

You can also purchase the tank only, jelly fish, and other accessories like color LED lights, snails and hermit crabs from their site.

New Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Retail Box Includes
• Acrylic tank
• Feeding Pipette
• Whisper quiet air pump
• Airline
• Hydrometer
• Substrate
• Programmable Color-Changing LED and Remote Control
• Filtration Media
• Power Supply

• 7 Gallons
• Salt Water Ready
• 18”H x 16”W x 8”L
• Clear Front and Back Panels
• Opaque Sides and Base
• 2 X 120V AC (US Electrical Standard)
• Optimized for Jellyfish

Also Holds Fish or Invertebrates

Jellyfish Art

A special shout out to Vicki Mayer for bringing this to my attention!