The Chablé Resort and Spa: Equal Parts Stunning and Spiritual (48 Photos)

Chable Resort and Spa in Yucatan Peninsula

The Chablé Resort and Spa are located in the Yucatan Peninsula, 25 minutes from the historic city of Méridaan area of Mexico. Perfect for the sophisticated traveler, the area is famous for its rich culture, traditions, ancient history, exquisite cuisine, vegetation and heavenly scenery; with the legendary Mayan ruins located within a 30 to 60 km radius.

The Chablé Resort and Spa

The Chablé Resort and Spa Mexico

As a wellness resort, the Chablé Resort and Spa takes a uniquely holistic approach. This new five-star intimate retreat  features luxurious villas, an expansive presidential suite and a 19th c. century traditional “Hacienda” completely restored to reflect the elegance and sophistication of the past.

Chablé Resort and Spa

chable resort and spa

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Chablé offers 38 casitas and two expansive villas, each with a private pool. Each Casita is purposely situated within the lush gardens where nature can be enjoyed to its fullest.

Chablé Resort and Spa

Chablé Resort and Spa

The original 19th century walls of the working hacienda serve as the framework for every casita, and incorporates modern touches, warm woods and traditional Mayan architecture to make Chablé a true work of art.

yucatan hotel

Every room has a view and every view is a living part of the Hacienda.

casita chable resort

The spacious Casitas set in the Mayan jungle perfectly frame nature. They are contemporary, with local rich woods, stone and glass walls allowing guests to be in contact with nature while maintaining all the comforts.

2,200 ft² / 200 m²

Casita floor plan


Home away from home, offering jungle views, Hacienda murals and glass walls bringing together the colonial heritage and modern design and creating a secluded hideaway.

8,000 sq. ft / 745 m2

Presidential Villa floor plan

royal villa

yucatan resort and spa

The most luxurious and exclusive Villa at Chablé offering a private space to connect with local culture and nature, it has jungle views, colonial walls and modern construction that provide a unique experience for guests with a sense of tranquility and wellness.

villa at chable resort

10,000 sq. ft / 930 m2

Royal Villa floor plan


yucatan spa

The spa is a word-class facility with a uniquely holistic approach. It is built around a natural “Cenote”, which serves as an extension of the spa.

mexico spa and resort

The Chablé Spa provides an intimate setting of tranquility, sophistication, and customization.

Chablé Spa

The setting and elements used in authentic Mayan Ceremony, allows for a deep connection and profoundly moving experience as an initiation into the Chablé Healing Culture.

Chablé Spa

A space where ancient mysticism blends with modern curiosity to bring about a new vocabulary of well-being.

The Cenote

The Cenote is a sacred site and source of restoration for the body and soul. The Mayans had a deep respect and reverence for Cenotes. They believe that cenotes are entrances to the Mayan underworld, portals to the subconscious and afterlife, and to communicate with their gods.

cenote spa

The cenote at Chablé Spa is the focal point of the healing journeys, providing the curative foundations and tranquil setting for development of our spa experiences. Great care is taken to acknowledge the significance of the cenote and it’s guardians, to tread carefully and respect nature, and to “never insult the waters.”


At Chablé, to further enhance guests’ experience they provide activities across four areas: Wellness & Fitness, Cultural, Gastronomic, Acitivites in Chocholá and Its Surroundings.

Every day they offer a different program with a minimum of three activities focused in awakening a different emotion, knowledge and sens. Each guest may choose up to two daily activities per day from the complimentary list or select an exclusive activity at an additional fee.


Chablé’s culinary offer was designed by the acclaimed Chef Jorge Vallejo, who was recently awarded as the #12 best Chef in the world, and #1 in Mexico, by the “World’s 50 best restaurants”.

Chef Jorge Vallejo

The gastronomic experiences at the resort consist of three restaurants: Ixi ‘Im, Ki ‘ol & a Spa Restaurant- which is based on organic & seasonal cuisine mostly sourced from the on-site traditional Mayan Gardens.

IXI’IM restaurant


chable resort restaurant

Ki’ol Grill

ki'ol grill

Spa Restaurant

Mayan Gardens
At the heart of Chablé is a traditional Maya garden, recreating harvesting techniques that have not been used in over a century.


The garden consists of raised garden beds made from local woods, and constructed using no man-made elements. Each bed is filled with organic soil and seeds harvested through traditional Maya methods by Chable’s resident Maya horticulturist.

Upon request, guests will have the opportunity to partake in the gardening process during their stay.

Branding and Identity

The branding and identity for the award-winning Hotel Chablé was designed by my former design instructor and personal friend Agustin G. Garza of the Garza Group, along with Paulina Moran, Jorge Borja, Nicolas Dominguez, Eduardo Caccia Lourdes and Cid Rodriguez.

the garza group branding

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Chablé Resort

photos in this post courtesy of Chablé Resort and taken by Karyn Millet and Del Sol Photography