Illuminated Ladies: The Carlesso Dame Light

carlesso dame light

The Carlesso stand at Euroluce 2015 in Milan, the international lighting trade show, was hard to miss. An installation of one of their newest and most unusual lighting fixtures was attracting the attention of almost all the passers-by and many even stopped to take photos.

dame lights at euroluce booth IIHIH
carlesso dame lights attracting attention at Euroluce
CARLESSO DAMES installation 2

The porcelain ladies were inspired by Noble women and the Baroque fashions typical of the 1700s. Finely worked in porcelain, each is illuminated by LED lighting, giving them a diffused, romantic glow.

Carlesso installation detail at euroluce 2015

Carlesso Dame Light

Although they were featured as many single hanging fixtures, the actual product, which is new for 2015, is sold as a ceiling lamp consisting of a cluster of six of the delicate “dames” featured in their Euroluce booth.

Carlesso dames on black IIHIH
Carlesso dames on white IIHIH
dames in situ

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