10 Jewelry Designers Reimagine The Engagement Ring for DeBeers

Ten-Ten Limited Edition Engagement Rings

Using ethically-sourced diamonds from Botswana, DeBeers challenged ten different independent jewelry designers to reimagine that classic symbol of love and devotion, the diamond engagement ring.  The result is the Ten/Ten Limited Edition Engagement Rings.

ethically sourced diamond rings

Each of the ten designers (all women), were tasked with creating one ring using a diamond responsibly sourced in Botswana and weighing less than 1 carat for the Ten/Ten, a limited capsule collection of 100 commitment rings sold exclusively on Blue Nile.


Aimed to be accessibly priced between $3,000 and $4,500, each ring design is totally unique, with one featuring a hidden inscription and several others the opportunity for personalization by integrating bands or other rings.

The Ten/Ten Limited Edition Engagement Rings

Catherine Sarr of ALMASIKA:

contemporary engagement rings
Almasika’s “Serene” ring, 18k yellow gold and diamond

Aurora Lopez Mejia:

Aurora Lopez-Meija's "Mara" ring, 18k yellow gold and diamond
Aurora Lopez-Meija’s “Mara” ring, 18k yellow gold and diamond

Bea Bongiasca:

Bea-Bongiasca-you're so mine ring
Bea Bongiasca’s “You’re So Mine” ring of enamel and 18k yellow gold with diamond

Lauren Harwell Godfrey of Harwell Godfrey:

Harwell-Godfrey-Motu ring
Harwell-Godrey’s “Motu” ring, 18k yellow gold , Mother-of-Pearl and diamond

Lola Oladunjoye of Lola Fenhirst:

Lola-Fenhirst's "Union" ring, 18k rose gold and diamond
Lola-Fenhirst’s “Union” ring, 18k rose gold and diamond

Marla Aaron:

Marla Aaron's "DiMe Siempre" ring, platinum and diamond
Marla Aaron’s “DiMe Siempre” ring, platinum and diamond

Michelle Fantaci:

Michelle Fantaci's "Naledi" ring, 18k rose gold and diamond
Michelle Fantaci’s “Naledi” ring, 18k rose gold and diamond

Natasha Tsimmerman of Platt Boutique Jewelry:

Platt Boutique Jewelry
Platt Boutique Jewelry’s “The Crown” ring, 18k yellow gold and diamond

Pamela Love:

Pamela-Love-treccia ring
Pamela Love’s “Treccia” ring, 18k yellow gold and diamond

Wing Yau of WWAKE:

Wake’s “Duo” ring, 14k yellow gold and diamond

‘The inspiration for Ten/Ten was really driven by a combination of things,’ says Stephen Lussier, De Beers executive vice president of consumer markets. ‘We wanted to support the people of Botswana whose economy is dependent on diamond revenues, to allow more people to discover the incredible creativity of ten independent designers and to offer something really special to couples hoping to get engaged this year.’

Ten/Ten was conceived during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically to both promote diamonds from Botswana, a country whose economy relies largely on diamond revenues, as well as to increase visibility of the ten independent designers each chosen for their unique points of view: Catherine Sarr of ALMASIKA, Aurora Lopez Mejia, Bea Bongiasca, Lauren Harwell Godfrey of Harwell Godfrey, Lola Oladunjoye of Lola Fenhirst, Marla Aaron, Michelle Fantaci, Natasha Tsimmerman of Platt Boutique Jewelry, Pamela Love and Wing Yau of WWAKE.

The collection was extremely well received with the pieces being sold exclusively by Blue Nile during the beginning of 2021, spotlighting the designers and sharing details on the diamond origins and impact in Botswana.

Listen to the designers share their stories regarding this challenge here on Blue Nile’s Blog.