New Japanese Marshmallow Confections Almost Too Pretty to Eat


After over a year and a half in development, an aesthetically impressive brand of innovative sweets has been launched by the long-established Japanese confectionery store “Tsurugi no Yusho Honpo” in Okayama. The new Japanese brand of marshmallow confections are handmade without any artificial colors or ingredients and are unique in both taste and appearance.

Tataruma Japanese Marshmallow Confections

As big fans of edible art, we love learning of new and beautiful things to eat.

Tataruma Japanese Marshmallow Confections

After much trial and error, the Japanese confectioners who, 130 years ago originated  the marshmallow confection, Tsuru Tama, finally reached a perfect balance of texture, taste and appearance with a new line of sweets, Tataruma, which was funded through crowdsourcing.

The new Tataruma brand consists of five different marshmallow confections.

The “Heavy“, the most artistically designed dessert of the five, comes in three flavors, each of which combines two textures and two flavors. In the following descriptions, the ‘marshmallow’ is often referred to as ‘sheepskin.’

japanese sweetsJapanese Marshmallow Confections

Marshmallow × Yokan

Manshuro is a soft sheep ume tailored to it, simple and refreshing taste.
Ingredients: Sugar, Azuki Bean, Starch Syrup, Agar, Gelatin, Egg White (Including Eggs), Starch

Squash (Pumpkin) Marshmallow × Matcha Ukane
Tataruma Japanese Marshmallow Confections
Uji Tea flavor complements the surprising combination of squash and marshmallows.
Ingredients: Nanuki Marshmallow × Matcha Yokan Sugar, Handknown, Starch Syrup, Green Tea, Agar, Gelatin, Egg White ), Pumpkin powder, starch / carotene pigment

• Marshmallow of white strawberry × White Cane
Tataruma Japanese Marshmallow Confections
It is exquisite the balance between the taste of the strawberries and the white sheepskin of the light mouth made with Hokkaido handmade beans.
Ingredients: sugar, hand-smashed, starch syrup, agar, gelatin, egg white (including eggs), raspberry powder, starch / red radish pigment

Tataruma Japanese Marshmallow Confections

The combination of of marshmallow in plain, pumpkin squash or strawberry flavor combined with the tastes of Matcha (or Green Tea) or white yolk with wheat bran is said to be very refreshing.

The other four treats in the collection are:
Circle – bite-sized marshmallow teats flavored with fruit juices
Tataruma Japanese Marshmallow Confections
candy packaging

Point – Japanese marshmallows, a moist bean paste marshmallow
japanese desserts
Tataruma Japanese Marshmallow Confections

Ball – Marshmallow Bun with a sesame bean paste
japanese design

Surface – A Marshmallow cream with three kinds of bean paste
marshmallow bean paste
Made with natural juices and sugars, they do not use synthetic coloring matter or artificial sweetener, perfume, preservatives, stabilizer.

The packaging is a simple design that intuitively matches the confectionary designs of the desserts. In typical Japanese fashion, it’s elegance lies in its simplicity.

Japanese package design

The Tataruma treats have a shelf life of 2 weeks and must be consumed immediately upon opening.

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