Dick Pics – Groin Gazing By Photographer Claire Milbrath.

Groin Gazing by Claire Milbrath

An equal opportunity exploiter, it’s only fair I share some sexy male pics with my readers after having had posted the 2014 SI Swimsuit Models wearing nothing but body paint. Read more

Electrifying Design. Elegant Power Strips & Surge Protectors That Blend Right In With Hardwood Floors.

Invisiplug are a line of power strips and surge protectors designed to blend right in with hardware floors.

above: Standard (6 outlets, 450 Joules Surge Protection, 3 Foot Cord, 15 AMP/125 VOLTS) shown in light natural,, medium cherry and dark oak.

Created in three wood shades; light natural, medium cherry and dark oak they are available as basic 6-outlet power strips, as 6 Outlets with 450 Joules Surge Protection and as 6 Outlets with 2 USB (2.1) Surge Protected Ports and 900 Joules Surge Protection.

Basic (Master Reset Switch, 3 Foot Cord, 15 AMP/125 Volts):

Standard (6 outlets, 450 Joules Surge Protection, 3 Foot Cord, 15 AMP/125 VOLTS):

Deluxe (6 outlets, USB 2, 900 Joules Surge Protection, 3 Ft. Cord, 15 AMP/125 VOLTS:

You can buy them online here.

Beautiful Handmade Hella Slingshots From Split Fork Tree Branches by Adam Gray

hella slingshots by adam gray

Certain toys never go out of style, but instead simply get more stylish. This is what Adam Gray has done with the ol’ classic slingshot. Adam, who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and presently works at Bicycle Bolts, has become a new millennial favorite with his Hella Slingshots. Read more

Bruno Walpoth Brings Wood To Life In His Contemporary Human Sculptures.

Brun Walpoth Wood Sculptures

Pinocchio would probably have gladly swapped his creator, Geppetto, for Italian sculptor Bruno Walpoth. Walpoth’s ability to turn a hunk of wood into a lifelike looking figure is impressive, to say the least. His sculpted and painted busts and human forms are anything but “wooden.” They seem to be imbued with emotion, capable of possessing a soul and striking the viewer as pensive, thoughtful – even melancholy. Read more

Grain Audio. Solid Walnut Wood Meets Technology For Sound Design.

Grain Audio Products

Two ex-Altec Lansing guys, an architect/furniture designer and a liquor industry operational expert combined their tastes and talents to launch Grain Audio. A company that creates beautifully executed audio products, each with has an integral wooden component to it. Solid, not veneered, the design has a positive impact on sound quality and unique grain structure, turning each piece of equipment into a one-of-a-kind design object. Read more

Le bureau de Paolo by Sam Baron

This unusual and beautiful desk, the Le bureau de Paolo by Sam Baron, is made in a limited edition of 8 pieces. Crafted of Teak wood by Sam Baron for the Secondome Gallery, it measures 120cm X 75cm X 150cm and has lots of storage in its wonderfully modern design. Read more

It Would Take A Lot Of Lincoln Logs To Recreate This $44 Million Cabin. The Huntsman Estate in Park City Is For Sale.

The Huntsman Estate in Park City

I was recently reading about Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Park City Estate for sale in The Hollywood Reporter and went to get a closer look at it when I stumbled upon the Huntsman Estate in Park City, which dwarfed the Katzenberg Kozy Kabin Komplex. Read more

HUS-1, A Biodegradable and Sustainable Home by Torsten Ottesjö.

Hus-1 by Torsten Ottesjö

Hus-1 is a small house designed and built by Torsten Ottesjö. The building was constructed on site. The idea is a dwelling as personification. The dwelling features convex walls which seam together with the floor creating both a sense of airiness and a naturally curved seating space along the sides of the interior. The structure is free-standing, so it can be moved anywhere; though the feeling is that it has actually sprouted out of the ground it rests on. Read more