Pop Culture Busts Worth Worshipping by Christopher Genovese

Pop Culture Sculptures by Christopher Genovese

At first they look like classical Greek busts. You know, the kind you usually ignore in libraries and museums. But look a little closer and you’ll see that these made-to-order, small-scale busts are cast in detailed likenesses of our some of our favorite movie and television personalities and characters. Stephen Colbert, Larry David, Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” Lebowski and Brian Cranston as Walter “Heisenberg” White. Read more

Blue Ice Vodka Launches 3 Limited Edition Heisenberg Bottles

heisenberg limited edition vodka hero IIHIH copy

Blue Ice Vodka has launched a limited edition of three bottles honoring one of television’s favorite anti-heroes, Heisenberg (aka Walter White) of the TV drama Breaking Bad. Read more

All 5 Seasons Of Breaking Bad’s Walter White’s Wardrobe Illustrated by Nathan Peters.

Illustrator Nathan Peters, a Senior Designer at Big Spaceship in Brooklyn, NY. has designed a series of Walter White’s wardrobe posters. He tells the story of Breaking Bad’s loveable anti-hero Walter White through the clothes he wore, broken down by season. Read more

Custom Kicks Feature Pop Culture Anti-Heroes from Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Parks & Recreation, Dexter & Shameless.

anti-hero custom converse IIHIH

The Avenue in California’s Venice Beach uses cutting edge technology to allow anyone to custom design a pair of kicks. They have created custom Chucks for many a celebrity and sell several uniquely designed pairs that celebrate pop culture. Read more