Links To All The 2016 Super Bowl Ads (and All The Rings To Date)

links to all the 2016 super bowl ads

This is the first year I will not be posting about Super Bowl ads because just about everyone else does and it’s so easy to find the ads, to watch them and to learn about them. Instead I will provide you with the best links to watch, follow live and read about all the commercials on the Big Game. And, to top it off, a little Super Bowl bling. Read more

The Ravens Finally Get Their Bling. A Look At The 2013 NFL Championship Ring.

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring

Earlier this month the Baltimore Ravens presented players and staff with their Super Bowl XLVII Championship Ravens Rings during a private ceremony today at The Under Armour Performance Center. Read more

Super Serious Super Bowl Ring Bling Info. New Details, Pics and Facts About All The NFL Championship Rings.

For the past few years I have published this post, updated to include the latest NFL Championship Ring. This year, I’ve also updated several of the specific jewelry design facts and added new images. Read more

Blinged Out Brain Buckets. NFL Helmets With Hand Applied Swarovski Crystals.

swarovski crystallized pro football helmets

In addition to blinging out animal and human skulls, artist Quinn Gregory of Chicago also takes authentic Riddell Proline Football Helmets (as worn by NFL players) and hand-applies over 12,500 Swarovski crystals to them. Read more

All 46 Superbowl Rings To Date And Some Fun Facts About Them.

All 46 Superbowl Rings

Don’t fret, further in this post, each of the above rings are shown enlarged for detail.

One of the most recognizable pieces of bling are given to the players of the National Football League’s annual championship game, the Super Bowl. Who makes them? Who gets them? What are they worth? Read more

Super Bowl Rings, The Bling For The Past 44 Years

The Past 44 Super Bowl Rings
above: The most recent addition to the years of superbowl bling is the 2009 ring above awarded to the New Orleans Saints for their victory over the Indianapolis Colts from Super Bowl XLIV on feb 10, 2010 photo by Derick Hinkle

This post has been updated to include the rings from 2007, 2008 and 2009, so now that’s 44 rings. Read more