A More Affordable SUBWING and Some Accessories to Go With It.

New more affordable SUBWING

SUBWING, the totally cool water sport product that lets you glide at the water’s surface or beneath it while towed by a boat, has been a big hit since its 2012 introduction. The $895 black glossy carbon SUBWING was a bit pricey for most, but with the introduction of the $490 fiberglass editions and most recently, the new $295 Honeycomb editions, more can join in on the fun! Read more

Fly Underwater With Subwing: A New Carbon Fiber Watersport Product From Norway.

SUBWING from Norway

SUBWING is a new water sport product invented in the summer of 2010 by Simon Sivertsen. It allows you to fly through the water, much like a dolphin. The Carbon Fiber ‘wings’ allow you to glide, turn and twist as much as you’d like at the water’s surface or ocean’s bottom, while being pulled by a boat. Read more